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    We are considering going to CSA on our vacation. We have been to S in Jamaica, but never to Negril. Also do the Atrium rooms have a fridge for water? I know they don't have the mini bar, but wondering if they have pop and water. Thanks

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    They do not. We LOVED our Atrium room though and I always book a hotel with a fridge. You can soda and water all night and there is a pitcher with ice water. We brought thermoses with us that stayed cold for 18 hours or something like that. Some people bring soft sided coolers as their carry on and use that in their room. I hadn't thought of that before but I think I am going to do that this year.

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    Atrium as my favorite. The great housekeeping crew will keep a pitgher of water in you room with fresh ice cold water. Alot of people bring a small cooler and just add ice and drinks. I just ask my hubby to walk out to the bar and bring me back a soda.

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    You are going to LOVE Negril. The beach alone will take your breath away. CSA is very romantic and laid back. You can do as much as you want, or just lay in the sun and have someone bring you drinks all day. I have never stayed in the Atrium Suite, but it has a huge patio with a hammock (the only one with this) and the rooms are centrally located. I know they provide ice water in the room and there are bars everywhere. Have a blast. You are going to love CSA!

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    We just recently returned from out 1st time at a Couples resort and CSA. If all goes well we will be booking our return trip for 2011 this weekend. We had been to 3 S resorts and will not go back as we believe CSA is our new home in Jamaica.

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    I have been to S in Negril and Montego Bay, and you are going to be pleasantly surprised by CSA. I enjoyed my other 2 vacations at the S resort, but I had nothing to compare it to. Then I stayed at CSA and I loved my vacation. In fact, I planned my return visit only 8 months after my last. We stayed for the first time in August 2009 and are going back in April. Now that I have tried Couples resorts, I have something to compare my previous vacations at S Resorts to, and there is no comparison, Couples is much better. Is the beach at CSA that much better then SN, oh my goodness, YES! The atmosphere, the relaxation, the romance while present at the S Resorts is so much better at CSA. I LOVE the atrium suites. For the price, they are the best. Yes, no TV or mini bar, but we never missed it. You feel like you are in your own private villa, very quiet, and private. ( there are only 4 suites in each building ). It is not a far walk to any of the bars at CSA, bars on both ends of the resort and the beach bar in the middle. Also, Sea Grapes Cafe on the beach has self serve soda. Like a previous poster stated, some people bring a soft thermos, and place sodas or beer in the thermos for use later, we never had the need. The ice water provided by housekeeping was there if a quick drink was needed. Have fun planning your trip, and hope to see you at CSA!

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