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    Default Which one is closer?

    Hi all! I'm new to the boards, but not new to the wonderful world of Couples! My husband and I got married at CSA in 2007 and are desperately trying to return. Since our next trip will be a short one (4 nights) we were wondering which Couples resort was closest to the airport? (So we can make the most of our trip) Thanks-Kelly

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    CN is closer than CSA by about 5 minutes. They are just down the street from each other by a couple of miles.

    I believe that Negril is closer to MoBay than Ocho Rios by about a half hour or so.

    If you liked CSA the first time and wish to return there, don't let distance be a deterrent. Like wise any of the other Couples resorts for that matter. Once you are in MoBay it makes little difference which you choose. Your flight arrival and departure times will have much more impact on your time at the resort than the on island transfer.

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    If you want to spend the most time you can at the resort, and have some room in your budget, book flights with Timair. If you're going to Negril the flight will save you about 90 minutes in each direction... that's 3 extra hours at the resort. I'm not sure of the flight times from MB to Ocho Rios but from MB to Negril the flight is about 15 minutes. My wife and I took the flight last year. We were on the beach at CN an hour after our flight landed in Jamaica.


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    Food for thought - You can get to Negril in 15 minutes on TimAir for approx. $200 round trip making Negril whether CSA or CN the fastest location to get to.

    (one half of GSO Couple)

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    Driving time CN is probaly the closest resort to MBJ.

    Negril Airport is across the street from CN.

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