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    Hi All,

    This will be our first time travelling to Jamaica and staying at a couples resort. WHat are the "Must Haves" to take with us for the trip?

    WHat is the level of dress for the restaurants? THe resort?

    Thanks for any tips and advise you can give us.

    Mike and Doreen

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    *Take hair conditioner... they provide only a shampoo and your hair will need a good conditioning each evening when you shower
    *I take a couple sundresses and a couple skirts with a couple spaghetti strap tops to go with the skirts. You can wear evening things more than once since that's the only time you'll wear clothes (you'll be in bathing suit and coverup all day)
    *Guys just need dressier shorts, leather sandals and a hawaiian flowered shirt for evening meals... for Cassanova he'll need long pants (khakis) and closed toe shoes
    *Take a beach bag to hold your stuff during the day because when you leave your room it's a long way to go back unless you're in A or B block, pack up your towels, sunscreen, books, sunglasses, hat, coverup etc..
    *If you do Dunns River Falls excursion, bring waterproof camera and tip money for the two guides, the driver and the videographer ($5 each minimum) I have a waterproof container I wear around my neck and put in the room key card, tip money and lip balm) Only wear bathing suit to this excursion, and gripping water shoes or sandals.
    *The day before you ck out, take your beach towels to watersports,turn them in and get your receipt, you'll need it to check out. During your stay go to watersports anytime and exchange your towels for fresh ones
    *Make a spa appointment for a massage... pure heaven
    *Visit the gift shop, it's at the FRONT of the resort, THROUGH the lobby, down by the road entrance... is two levels... be sure and go downstairs too
    *No tipping to Couples employees, only tip the baggage handlers at the airport, your bus driver and the ladies at the spa, and the above mentioned Dunns River Falls people
    *Bring a pen to fill out your customs forms on the plane
    *Order room service at least one nite and eat on your balcony or in your room
    Hope these help... enjoy your trip!

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    Thank you for your suggestions! We are so looking forward to our trip to CSS. If you have any other thoughts, please share them! We would be most appreciative!

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    My husband and I are also going to CSS for the first time....unfortunately, not until October. Thanks for the great advise and tips!


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    Rubigal04, thanks so much for your reply.


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    Thanks for the great tips. We are going to be at CSS the first week in March and have never been to Jamaica before. I hadn't heard about the gift shop and look forward to browsing through it

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    Thans for the tips! Very helpful

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    If you're going to be there for a week bring 3 or 4 swimsuits so you always have a dry one! This has proven to work out best for both of us the last 2 times we were at CN. I typically wore shorts and a top in the mornings for breakfast and then would go back and change before hitting the beach. Swimsuits and a coverup are very acceptable too. Don't overpack! With the fees for second bags it just isn't worth it. You'll wear a lot of your dressy clothes more than once. At least one "nice" outfit sounds fitting since I've just read that the gala on Friday is a more dressy event. 3 pairs of shorts was all I needed too. Its just amazing how much time you spend in your swimsuit. I would have to say the most important thing to bring is good sunscreen. There is nothing worse than getting burned the first couple of days and being miserable for the rest of trip. We've seen people do this and its such a waste. Bring an iPod as all the rooms have a jack for it. A watch in your beach bag is nice since there are specific times that the snorkeling trips and others leave. There are not a lot of clocks available as you can imagine. Two things I have read that are important at CSS is a flashlight for walking the stairs at night (we're bringing a cranklight) and water shoes for the beach. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the tips

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    Great tips - thanks! We're first timers to Jamaica and the AI resorts, so it's nice to see what others recommend!

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    You should check out the "I Wish I would have Thought of That" thread on the main MB. Some great info there too!

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    For the ladies....bring COMFORTABLE flats....those stairs are hell in high heels. I cringe every time I see a lady in stilettos making her way up the stairs, just waiting for the inevitable snapped or sprained ankle!
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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