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    Default Deluxe Ocean Room at CTI

    I am getting married here in August, as of right now, we have booked the Deluxe Ocean room...can anyone tell me if this room has both a shower and tub?

    Stephanie and Mark
    Memphis, TN

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    It has a shower.. It's one of those zero edge ones. We liked ours quite a bit.

    I thought the Deluxe Ocean views were pretty good!

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    Thanks for getting back to me I really wish they had a tub though


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    There is a bench in the shower as well.. if that helps. We were very pleased with our deluxe ocean view room. 3rd floor.

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    We always book the Deluxe Ocean at CTI and LOVE it!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    If you want a shower and a tub, (Jacuzzi), you would have to upgrade to a suite.
    Irie Mon

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    Shower only, our water ran out behind the toilet a little bit but "no problem". GREAT view. Was there last September.

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    Thanks for all of the responses I can't wait~

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    It's funny, the house we've been living in for more than 20 years has a separate bathtub and shower in the master bath. I can count the number of times on one hand that we've actually used the bathtub. Besides, when we want to lay back and relax in some hot bubbling water, we just go out to our jacuzzi.

    Having just a shower for our Premier room that we've booked is not only no inconvenience for us, it's actually preferred.

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    We always book a Deluxe Ocean, and it always has a tub/shower. We normally stay in the building where the lobby is the ground floor and then we're usually on the 3rd floor, if that helps.

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    They removed all the tubs from the non suites rooms when they remodeled the resort.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks for the update!

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