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    Default comming back for the 3rd time!!!!

    Hello to all in beautiful Jamaica! We will be coming to the new Tower Isle Resort in mid Feb. SOOO EXCITED!!! This will be our 3rd time to the resort. I am very excited to see the newly updated Tower Isle. I would love to hear everyones input including how the weather is!
    Looking forward to hearing back from someone!

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    Hi clz,
    Check out the meet up at couples thread, February 2010. What are your dates? Josh and I will be there Feb 13-20th. We are so excited. This is our second trip to CTI. A lot of the people we met on our first trip are going to be there, so I think this will be a trip "to remember" We have also been to CSA and CN twice. I can't wait to see the renovations. The weather sounds like it hasn't been too great. But I have a good feeling that the sun will shine for most of February.

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    I think you will like the updated resort. Go with an open mind and take it all in. I really loved the new spa area.

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