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    Default Visiting March - Which Resort for These Activities?

    My wife wants to swim with the dolphins or rays, or something similar. We also want to have excursions like the glass bottom boat and catamaran. I am also concerned about lenght of trave to and from the airport.

    I have lots of suggestions for CSA. However, which resort has these excursions the most convenient?

    Would you travel to CSA by land or short air trip?


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    I'm not sure if you can swim with dolphins on the Negril side. I would suggest CTI as Dolphin Cove is in Ocho rios and CTI is the only resort on that side that includes the Cat cruise.

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    The Dolphin encounter is in Ocho Rios. CSS and CTI are also in Ocho Rios both are about a 10 min or so ride from the Dolphins. IMHO staying @ CSA in Negril would be a bit to far to travel in one day to swim with the dolphins

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    The bus ride from Montego to Negril is an hour, while to Ocho Rios it's an hour and a half. You could pay for TimAir and make it in about 20 minutes.

    CTI is the resort that offers the most excursions (cat cruise, horseback riding, Dunn's River Falls, etc.). CSS does NOT offer the catamaran cruise. CN and CSA do offer the cruise. All 4 resorts offer the glass bottom boat. Here's a link to all of the inlcusions at each resoort:

    If you want to swim with the dolphins, the only place to do this is in Ocho Rios, so the closest resorts are CTI and CSS. However, you could stay in Negril and then take a day trip to Ocho Rios for the dolphins.
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    All the resort are about the same bus ride, about a 1-1/2 hour.

    The resort with the most included excursions is CTI. They have horse back riding, glass bottom boat, catamaran, dunns river falls, and more. The only resort that does not offer catamaran is CSS. CSA and CN offer less included trips.

    Swimming with the dolphins your best bet is CTI or CSS. It is closer.
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