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    Default Transferring from one resort to another . . . ?

    We are visiting CN for the first time, but when we started booking our trip we had planned on going to CTI. As I read through the message boards I see that some people transfer from one resort to the other part way through their vacation. Does anyone know anything about this process? Can we arrange it when we arrive or book it ahead? Is there a transfer cost? Does Couples provide a mode of transportation? Any other hints we should know?

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    current record 2 hours 3 minute may the wind be at your back good luck and keep us posted

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    You need to have this setup before you arrive to have everything run smooth. Couples does provide a transfer between the resorts at not cost. I would leave very early in the morning to transfer for the traffic is not an issue, also if you leave early I understand it will be direct without a stop at the airport. The transfer is 2:30 to 3 hours long.

    You just need to call Couples or your TA to set it up.
    Irie Mon

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    The transportation is provided for those people who have booked a split stay between two of the resorts, for instance, if you had booked a split between CN and CTI.

    If this is something you'd like to do, you'll need to change your reservation so you stay a few nights at CN and a few nights at CTI. However, CN is in Negril and CTI is in Ocho Rios, which are about 3 hours apart. You should probably make the arrangements for a split stay prior to your arrival so you can make sure there is vacancy.
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    If transferring from one Couples Resort to another they will provide the transportation. You'll arrange it at the resort after arrival. There is no cost for this service. We've done it between CTI and CSS (dame side of the island) and had no problems. We've not tried it across the island but will in April. From what we've read on the message board, from others that have, you can leave one resort early and be at the other, on the other side of the island, in time for breakfast. Hopefully others will respond to your question and give you more detail. Have a great trip!

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    My wife and I did this back in 2000. Stayed at TI and transfered to CN. Couples set us up on Timair to fly across the Island. No charge at the time. I am sure there is a cost. Don't know how much. We will be there in March for 17days split between the two. We will do the flight transfer again. Beautiful sites flying.

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    Enjoy your stay in March, but for a heads up , Couples no longer offers a complimentary flight from TimAir as in the past.[IMG][/IMG] You may want to contact them regarding this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blondie56 View Post
    Enjoy your stay in March, but for a heads up , Couples no longer offers a complimentary flight from TimAir as in the past.[IMG][/IMG] You may want to contact them regarding this!
    No problem. I didn't expect this to be complimentary this time. Does anyone know what the fare is on TimAir from TI to CN?

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    The cost from CTI to CN is $626.00 per couple/ US. The ride is approx 42 mins. Reminder, they do not fly at night. Enjoy !!!

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    We just took TimAir from CTI to CN it took 1 hour and 20 minutes door to door.We used the Island up to noon. Brought our bags down by 12:35 ,on the bus to Boscobel airport at 12:40 took off at 1:00.Arrived at CN doorway at 2:00pm.....On the beach at 2:15 with drink in hand. Would do it again in a heart beat.

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    ekim4761, what was the airfare from TI to CN. $650 seems kind of steep.

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    It was $622.00 for the plane .If you could find another couple to share the ride. Timair told me it would split the cost . But I would confirm that with them .From what I hear is that there may be another choice soon to come besides TimAir.

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