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    I'm looking to find out some information about the Zip Line Tours in Negril. Can anyone help me out on this or suggest the best place to go for this? My wife and I would really like to find a package deal where we can do this and something else for the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We'll be there in 33 more days and we can't wait.

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    There are more than one tour these days and are back toward the Ocho Rios area so prepare to kill most of the day between tours and travel. When at CN we took the Canopy Tour which also has river tubing at the same location. We only did the Canopy zip line part and really enjoyed it. Bring good shoes as you will hike a bit in parts. Mystic Mountain also has a zip line tour with chair lift and bobsled run at their location. Having done the other zip line trip, we found this one not as exciting or as long but fun as well. No major hiking and more family oriented but further from Negril. There are websites for all of them and plenty of personal videos to check out on YouTube to get a feel of what is instore.

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    There is a small line at YSFalls operated by ChukkaBlue. Not really a canopy tour, and only a one-stop line, I believe (not been there since the line was installed). If you're looking for a first time zip-line experience, this might do it for you.

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