I just got back from CSA 3 days ago, even though my body is here in the cold weather of Canada, my head is still in Jamaica.

We had the vacation of our life, I have traveled a lot in my life and this trip was the best I had in my life ( I'm 48 so...)

The Jamaicans are lovely people, always smiling and dedicated to make our vacation the best we've had, and they have succeeded. I enjoyed each & every moment I spent with you guys and have only one wish, it's to go back asap.

I would hate myself to forget any one in my statement but this concern all the staff at CSA, whether in the restaurant or the entertainment, from the beach life guard to the janitor, garden keeper and all the others that I may forget. I had the time of my life really, this happens to be a great spiritual experience.

The Jamaican people might be poor in material but they are so rich inside, this is a life lesson to all of us westerners.

I'd like to thank you all from the top of my heart, you have touched us in a way that money could not buy. You are a great nation and we simply love you and now on we will carry you in our heart forever.

Warm regards from the north.

André Allaire