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    Default Valentines Day at CSS SSB

    I've read other threads that say you can ask management to have an after hours party at the AN pool/beach for the nudes from 9-12. Wouldn't it be a great idea to do this on Valentine's night? Not sure what needs to be said to make it happen though, our 1st time.

    W & S

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    102 views so far but no responses so here we go.

    Dude, that's an incredible idea and, yeah, that should surely happen! Valentine's party for couples at SSB with nothing to bring or wear but my smile? I'm so glad you thought of such an enticing idea. I've got your back, let's make it happen!

    Oh well, countdown is on and needed to read a response...even if it's my own!

    See you in 21 days!

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    Default After Hours Party

    In November/December we had an after hours party for the Sunset Beach crowd. There was a small cost associated to cover the bartender. If you get enough people and they are willing Pierre and his staff will provide food and everything. Just check with Pierre he is the best wish we could be there to celebrate with you.

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    Hello c18always,
    My husband Karl and I will also be at CSS and SSB on Valentine's Day 2010--it will be our 3rd anniversary!!! We would love to help you celebrate the evening!


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