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Thread: prices at spa??

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    Default prices at spa??

    Hi everyone,

    25 days to go and am wondering if anyone knows what the prices are in the spa. We will have I think a $350 credit. We are not big on massages but I would like to get a facial and a pedicure and who knows what else. Does anyone know what prices are like and what else they offer??

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    Not sure which resort you're going to, but here is the link to the page with CSA's rate sheet. They are all very similar.

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    I got a 4 layer facial at the spa for $90

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    See this link for information and prices.

    It takes a little time to load.
    Irie Mon

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    Hi Ruber!

    If you click on any of the resort locations, on the left hand side will be a menu (accomodations, dining, spa etc). Click on spa and then you can click on the menu and see prices. I've been using this to plan out what I would like to do while there.

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    Here is the link to the Spa Rate sheet from the CTI website:

    You didn't specify which resort, but each resort's webpage has a link on the left to the Spa. Check it out!

    They offer everything from different types of massages to facials, body wraps and scrubs. And I do have to say that the massages are wonderful! You might want to give a 30 minute one a try
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    They offer pretty much anything. I had a seaweed wrap, which was advertised, but my husband had an aloe vera wrap due to an intense sunburn. That wasn't on the "list" or "menu" of things they offered, but the lady said that they could do it. You can get your hair done as well. There is even reflexology at some places. I have found my best massage experience to be at CTI because they are so well trained and wonderful.

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    Boy thanks so much for all the help. This board is such a great resource and I appreciate everyone's responses!

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