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    OK down to 11 days and I can't believe I have not asked this yet. Is jerk food available most days for lunch? Last time in Jamaica I stayed st the Ritz Carlton and they had a Jerk stand right on the beach that was fabulous, just hoping we have the same opportunity for the wonderful food. Thanks.

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    You can always get jerk food at CN. No Problem Mon!
    We are heading back for our 2nd trip in April! One word...Paradise

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    Oh yes, you can get jerk chicken plates every day at the beach bar. They are wonderful!

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    Is this true at other Couples resorts? We are going to CTI?

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    Not only that, they have an all night grill open til 5am where you can order a ton of different food and take back to your room! Just about every night my husband and I would get some jerk chicken and fries as a midnight snack...Mmmmmmm, makes me hungry just thinking about it

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    Jerk Chicken always available at the Beach Grill for lunch, you will see pork at the buffets. Have them jerk your fries!!!! Sauce over the fries, the ketchup in JA is on the sweet side, so I just have them jerk the

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