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    I have tried the search function and cannot find this recipe so hope I'm not repeating a topic already covered. A friend of mine was at a resort a few years ago (can't recall the name but it wasn't a Couples) and had a drink she loved, she thinks it was called a Big Bird but not for sure. She does know it had Banana Rum and Banana Rum Cream in it but can't remember the other ingredients. Does anyone know of a drink by this name or a drink with a similar name with these two ingredients and do you know the recipe? She is now married and really wants to return to Jamaica and I've been talking up Couples to her so if I could come through on this for her we might just have another convert! I had told her I'd ask the bartenders when I get to CSA but I'm not going until November so thought I'd pick the brains of the board and see what I get.

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    Hey Sherrynchuck,

    I don't know the recipe for the drink, but I am going to CSA next week. I will ask about it for you, and as I will be moderating the board from there I will be able to update you relatively quickly! Lets convert her!
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    You are referring to the hummingbird... man that sounds good right now!!! I'd be interested in getting the recipe also! Hook it up people!!!

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    Could it be a "Yellow Bird"? Hummingbird? I will personally check at CTI as to what "bird" drinks they have.

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    Awesome, thanks everyone and I'll be anxiously awaiting the responses. I didn't think Big Bird sounded quite right but I'm not a big alcohol drinker so couldn't come up with a thing myself. If it ain't Red Stripe I can't come up with a name!

    November will be our 15th trip to Jamaica but only our first to a Couples resort and I'm already selling it to everyone I know that's looking for a vacation spot. Can't wait to get there!

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    Check out this website:

    Many (if not most) of Couples' drink recipes are listed there.

    Hope this helps!

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