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    Default first time CSA questions

    My wife of almost 25 years ( June ) and I are coming to CSA the end of Feb.....we were at Sandals about 10 years ago, have been doing Punta Cana a lot and wanted to come back to Negril for special vacation. Does anyone have any good tips ( can you book tee times ahead )...couples massage ( yes / no )......we booked an atrium room ( good choice ?? ).

    We are very excited and I'm sure everything will be problem.......but...nice to be a little prepared.

    Bluenosers from Nova Scotia

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    Looks like you've already done your homework.

    Golf... yes... available daily. See the concierge to sign up for the next day's outting at Negril Hills. But no... you can not book ahead of arrival.

    Couple Massage is available at SweptAway's amazing spa (across Norman Manley Boulevard from the lobby).

    The Atrium Suites at SweptAway, although spartan, are in the best area of the resort, in our opinion. That bohemian simplistic bungalow feel suits us perfectly! Excellent choice, and a great value!

    Enjoy your stay!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I wanted to welcome you to the MB! The only portion that I can answer is about the couples massage - it is definitely worth it! Bob had never had a massage before, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Just a note about the Atrium room, there is no TV or mini-bar in those rooms, but they are the only rooms with the hammock on the balcony.

    I think that you will love CSA!

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    no worries! y'all will absolutely love it!

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    Hey first timers,

    CSA is awesome. I haven't stayed in an Atrium room, but from everything I have heard and read, they are really romantic and have huge patios/porch/verandahs. They are also the only rooms that have a hammock for two. As far as golf goes, I haven't done that so hopefully someone who had golfed will let you know how that experience goes. And, yes, do the Couples Massage. You are going to love it! Congrats on almost 25 years!

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    Golf I can't answer.

    BIG yes to a couples massage.

    Big yes to Atrium rooms.

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    We have not done the golf but YES to couples massage and YES to Atrium. Both great choices. Enjoy!

    Kevin & Angie

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