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    Default Questions about CSA?

    Hi Everyone!

    This will be out first trip to Couples and had some questions..

    Does anyone know what days the Catamaran Cruise goes? We are only there 4 nights Sun-Thurs so hoping we can catch it!

    Also, are there plenty umbrella hut's on the beach or is it a good idea to get out early to get one?

    As far as the restaurants go, for the "non" reservation required ones, do you just go in and find a table or do you wait for someone to seat you?

    I know trivial, but I like to be prepared!

    Thanks all! Arriving at CSA 3/28!

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    Default questions about CSA

    According to the Activities board on the Swept Away section of this site the Catamaran goes out Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Hopefully that will hit one of the days you're there. You are seated at the non reservation restaurants e.g. Palms.

    As far as umbrella huts go there areanumberof them on the beach but there isalso plenty of Palm trees to go around as well.

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    It is listed under activities on the CSA part of the site. I don't know if they change it often or not. They do go a few days a week so I don't think you would miss it.

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    It's such a nice treat to be seated at the restaurants. They greet you with such a nice smile, walk you to your table, pull out your chair and place the napkin in your lap. Talk about feeling like a queen and king. The first time we ever went to CSA it was our first time at an All Inclusive and it just felt wrong to get up and walk away from the table without leaving money. You will love CSA!

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    See above advice. The cat cruise is not to be missed. And the palapas, while not abundant, are IMHO inferior to the palm trees. (I really never have understood the palapa hype.)

    At all the restaurants you wait for someone to seat you, except Seagrapes (open only for lunch) and the Cabana Grill. (Basically an order at the counter grill with burgers and such.)

    Have a great time at our favorite place.


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    I was also worried about missing the cat cruise and read on the board somewhere that it is offered tues, fri, and sat. Best thing to do is ask as soon as you arrive.

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