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    Default CSA & CN - best area for standard gardenview suite?

    Hi all,
    My husband and I will be reserving at either CSA or CN shortly for a trip on March 6! We are very excited!

    We really love both resorts and might be leaning towards the CN since the standard gardenview suite has a TV (my husband enjoys to watch while in bed at night before sleeping!).

    We are wondering - for CSA and CN - is there any particular block or area that is better for the standard gardenview suites? If so, we can request it with our agent.

    We plan on getting the gardenview suite since the other room types are quite a lot more, and we have heard the garden areas are quite nice!

    Is there any that are closer to central areas? Quieter? Is bottom or top floor better?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance - can't wait for Jamaica!


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    Any gardenview suite or room you get will be heavenly at CN. The rooms there are so beautifully Jamaican. For more privacy, I would ask for a second or third floor room when you arrive but all rooms are wonderful. We have stayed in many different rooms and have never been dissapointed.

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    We have been to both resorts, and without a doubt,Swept Away's Garden Verandah Suite's have a far better view of the water. Buildings #'s 8 or 9, ask for 3rd floor for best view, you will be able to see the water. The buildings at CN are sideways, at Swept Away they all face the sea. We're heading back to CSA the end of this week, it's our favorite!

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    We have always stayed in either building One or Two, they are both wonderful. In fact One, Two or Three would be a good choice.

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    Default CSA or CN?

    My husband and I have been to both resorts, CSA without a doubt has the best view with the Garden Verandah category, look for buildings 8 or 9, they have a great view of the sea if you request the 3rd floor, view is even better! CSA also has a Gardenview room that is different from the "Verandah" category, stay with the verandah, it really is a good value for the money, T.V.'s and fully stocked bar included in the price! We are headed for CSA this week in fact, we're staying in the oceanview verandah, wonderful!

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    Hello everyone! I am new here and am planning my honeymoon. The responses to this post have been helpful. I am nervous about going to a location blindly but I've been doing alot of research. Thanks for the room ideas because now that I've chosen CSA it's time to choose a room.

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