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    Default CTI- November 2010

    Who's going in November? I haven't seen any threads for November 2010 I hope we are'nt the only ones going. We will be there 11/15to 11/22. We'll be on the first boat to the island upon arrival. Can't wait to be "Nekid in Paradise". I'm really looking forward to seeing the renovations.

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    Fear not doncindy!! There will indeed be many of us there throughout November. It is odd that there is no Meet up thread for that month. When I'm done posting this, I'll start a new Meet up thread for Nov. There were some pretty incredible people that last Nov, I'm hoping they all can make it back.

    Looking forward to see you in............that's to many days. We're counting down for April first. Then we'll start another countdown.

    See you on the rock


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    Hi Richie, Thanks for the reply. I will look for the posts on the Meet up thread. I goofed on the dates however, We'll be there 11/8 to 11/15, 288 days. This will be our second trip to CTI,(2007). That's awsome you are going twice in one year. Have a great time and maybe we'll see you on the "rock".

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    We will be there 11-10 through 11-15 - it's our first time in Jamaica!!

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    We are heading to CSS 11-17 to 11-24, but we plan to spend a day at CTI to check things out, head over the island etc etc. Obviously not sure what day we will be @ CTI yet.

    It will be our second trip to Couples, but first time AN, so we are looking forward to it.

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    Do not sign on here. There is a Meet-up at CTI thread on the Meet-up page.



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