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    Default Help Decorating Wedding Cake

    I'm getting married in May at CSA. I have seen a few pics of weddings where the bride decorates the cake herself. One cake in particular really stood out to me. The couple from New Orleans that was married at CSA at Sunset. I've sent her a message on the thread she started but have not gotten a response. She mentioned someone on this board gave her tips on decorating her cake. Can someone please help me out with this. I would love to add decorations to my cake to make it look nicer. Do you buy the decorations and flowers from Couples? Or do I have to bring my own. Can one of you brides please help me with this :-) Any info would be great.

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    you can pay extra for them to decorate your cake with flowers and such at the resort. I made my own bouquet and brought extra flowers which they decorated it with at no extra charge. I also brought a cake topper. I loved it!

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    Jmca - Did you use real flowers for your bouquet? Do you know if there is a florist close to CSA?

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    I would love for my cake to be decorated similar to DMCCORM (she has a thread start on here) but just in different colors.

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    I used silk flowers that I bought from Michaels for my bouquet and extra that they put on my cake. My husband's is a real flower.

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    mstravelbug - I think you might be looking for me (I'm the one who taught DMCCORM how to decorate her cake). You can take a look at my thread under "Bonnie and Keith 12/18/2008@CSA". Leave me the email and I'll be more than happy to send you the instructions.

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    Default Dmccorm wedding cake instructions

    I was wondering if you could send me instructions on how to decorate cake. I like your cake, Thanks

    You can send them to

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    Can you send me the instructions please!!!!!!! I love DMCORM cake... Thanks

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    I got my flowers from Michaels that coordinated with my color scheme and I just gave them to Giselle @ CN during our meeting and she had them put on my wedding cake for the ceremony. My bouquet was a $30 dollar upgrade and I also had rose petals that I also purchased at Michaels. I thought they could have used a few more of the petals for my walk down the isle so you may want to give specific instructions if you are somewhat picky.

    Of course, the prices at the resort are always going to be more expensive than if you diy...good luck ladies.

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    Yes I am looking for you :-)
    Please email me the instructions at
    By the way what time was your wedding? Your pictures are so bright and colorful. Thanks in advance for you help!

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    Mssandy - I never thought about having rose petals on the isle.but I like that idea. I now see I need to pay Michael's a visit. I've thought about making my own bouquet to match the color scheme I have in mind. Does Michael have a large variety of silk flowers to choose from and do they look real?

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    kaw0033, mstravelbug - You've got mail! Girls, I had rose petals on the isle too, keep in mind there are two problems. First, it can get really windy in Jamaica, my petals got blown away almost as soon as they were laid down (that includes the beach, reception table and basically anywhere), which leads to the second problem. It is technically trashing the beach. I have to apologize because I didn't think about it ahead of time. Silk petals obviously do not dissolve naturally. My husband and I found petals from our wedding EVERYWHERE (even a mile down the beach on the sand/ in the water) throughout the week we were there, and we felt so guilty for polluting such a beautiful place. Please think twice before decorating with silk petals. Unless you have a solution, I would suggest using real petals or just skip it. A better alternative would be bringing silk flowers to decorate the arch, the end result would be more dramatic than laying petals on the isle.

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    mstravelbug - opps, forgot to mention my wedding was at 11am. Go for 10am if you're a morning person (I absolutely am not and woke up late on the wedding day).

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    When you get a chance do you think you could shoot me an email with the cake decorating ideas?? Would be much appreciated!!

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    kkbon can you please email me you decorating ideas. I loved your pictures.

    Thanks in advance!

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    oops i forgot to post my thanks!

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    sorry i posted to the post...but this is what i wrote...


    I can stop lurking and write a post! Your wedding photos are absolutely breathtaking!!! yall looked so happy!! Im getting married at CSA 4/26/10 in the morning and I hope mine wedding looks as nice as will be just the 2 of us with possible friend coming along...we hired Stacey Clarke to do our photos...

    can you email me info on ur cake and ur bouquet? and also i saw the arch you used for ur wedding was that an upgraded arch? if so do u recall the price?
    thank you so much for ur post and the info you have posted!!! :-)

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    Ladies...I never really thought about the rose petals being blown over the beach. That is definitely something to think about since no one wants to pollute the beach environment.

    I had my wedding at the gazebo and there was no least not on the day I was married. Also, my wedding planner and the young lady that was assisting her cleaned up all the petals after the ceremony was over. So just another option if you were set on having rose petals.

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