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    My wife loves the Couples robes so I figure I'll pick up a couple when we are there in October. Do they sell them in the gift shop? (Or do I have to sneak them into my luggage & let them charge me for them?...........)
    Captain Jim
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    Yes Captain, my Captain they have robes for sale.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    They have them in the gift shop for $75.00 each Couples negril

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    I purchased my robe for $50 at CSA in October 2007. Not sure, they could be more expensive now. But I LOVE my robe. It is comfortable, but even more than that, it remains me of Couples each and every time I slip into it. I am going back to CSA in Oct 2010...seems so far away...and I will likely buy another.

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    they have the robes at Swept Away in the logo shop.


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    Colarado Juli
    Nice Walt Whitman reference there

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    You can get them while there.

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    Good to know! We're getting the additional store credit for booking early, so I plan on getting a robe and spending the rest on coffee!

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    A silly question about the robes - how large do they run? I'm kind of a super-heavy-jumbo-lard@%% sized fellow (usually a 2XL shirt).

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    Thank you Giffle. Sometimes I get in weird moods. Guess it struck me at the time.
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    Juliann & Jeff
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