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    Default CSS Beachfront and room service

    I wanted to know if there is alot of noise when you are staying in the beachfront suite, and does the room service offer good food? I also wanted to know if they offer a good variety of seafood? Thank you so much for all your input. I am very anxious about this vacation since it cost alot of money.

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    Well, it's not a lot of money compared to other vacations if you consider that all of your food, drinks, and lots of activities are included.

    The room service is very good. We ordered dinner one night, and hardly had to wait at all for it to be delivered. Like any of the restaurants, you can order as much as you want; we ordered several appetizers and 3 main courses. The pizza was very good, and the beef was tasty. We also ordered appetizers in the middle of the afternoon on our first day there. Again, the food was fine and the delivery was quick. The menu is smaller than at the restaurants, but there is a nice variety. Call room service after you finish your meal, and they will quickly pick up your plates.

    As far as noise, the rooms are very well insulated. We never heard anything from any of the other rooms. However, we went in January, and I like sleeping with the verandah doors open at night. On several evenings, the beach bar got a little rowdy at around 1:00. No problem, I just closed the doors and put on the a/c, and we couldn't hear the noise after that.

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    Room service is fantastic! And fast! It would be one of the top reasons we would go back to CSS. As far as noise, we thought we were the only guests staying there as we never heard a thing.
    Enjoy your trip!

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