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    Default Changes in Security Rules since 12/25/09?

    I was wondering about people who have traveled to and from Couples since the Christmas Day attempted plane bombing. We are planning on getting married, and I have read threads about carrying my dress on the plane. I am now wondering if this is even allowed due to heightened security? I have heard people's stories of not being allowed to carry on anything besides their purse, but nothing about brides and their gowns? Can you let me know how your travel has been impacted or hasn't been. All information is appreciated!

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    Please, please check with your airline ahead of time. IF you are flying from Canada, there are still some restrictions in place regarding carry-on luggage.

    We are flying to CSA on Sunday, but I have flown 6 times since the December terrorist attempt. All my flights have been domestic (U.S.). I have not noticed hardly any change in security, other than a few more dogs. On all of my flights, I have been able to carry-on the same items that I could prior to December. And just for comparison, I have gone through security in Detroit, Buffalo, LaGuardia, and Newark. You would think that if any airport would have beefed up security and restrictions on what to bring on-board, it would've been Detroit. But I did not see any restrictions in place.

    Having said all of that, you really should check with your airline regarding your wedding dress. Unless you are flying first class, they restrict access to the closets in the front of the cabins (although I've seen some very kind flight attendants allow brides to hang their dresses in the closets). You can also "drape" your dress in the overhead bin, but whoa boy, those can get sooo very crowded. If all else fails, you might want to invest in a sturdy garment bag (not one with soft sides - there are hard sided versions). I use a hard sided garment bag all of the time, and it does a great job protecting my clothes. Of course, it is fairly large and cannot be used as a carry-on.

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    We flew the day after the attempted bombing and we were allowed to bring the normal stuff on board. They searched all of our carryons, patted us down, and checked our shoes right at the gate before boarding. It was the same procedure they used shortly after the shoe-bomber back in the day (why do I always fly shortly after bombings?).

    We saw a couple people with dresses (pre-bomb) and both were able to use the first class hanging closet. I would call the airline to make sure you can bring it and if so, nicely ask the attendants but remember that they don't have to let you use it so know that in advance so you have a backup plan (and that you don't create a scene on the airplane and get kicked off or something like that).

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    We just returned from CTI last night, flying on Delta. There were no changes in terms of what we were allowed to bring on board with us. We each were allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item (purse, laptop case, etc).

    Leaving Montego Bay, security searched all of the carry-on luggage, but the search was minimally intrusive. They simply opened each bag, looked inside, and let us go. We were afraid this would really slow things down, but it was remarkably quick.
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