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    Default Getting Help From Fiancee

    Is it typical for the groom to help with any aspect of planning the wedding? I only ask this because my fiancee isn't helping at all. He is just letting me do it all. Not that I mind but after all this is his wedding to. Is the man suppose to just show up and not help make any decisions? The only decision my fiancee has made is that he wanted the ceremony to be on the beach.

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    lol... That sort of reminds me of what I'm going through right now. Even though I'm not a "picky" bride, my fiance has informed that I can have anything I want. I've been planning for almost a year now, and the only thing he has picked out thus far, is the color of his pants. (lol) Everything else, he has left up to me, and from what I've shown him, he hasn't objected to any of my choices ... (well at least not as yet).
    I think having a fiance like mine, makes me even more excited about getting married at a Couples Resort, that way, I don't have to worry much about anything and I wouldn't feel the pressure of having to do EVERYTHING myself.

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    Hahaha..... Relax that is way normal for the groom to just show up on the big day. The wedding planning is Typically the womans thing because most men dont care a single thing about the details such as the cake, flowers, dresses, music, ect. I was also mad for awhile at my fiance because of his lack of perticipation in the wedding details. Then i just started making the decisions on my own and every once in awhile ask for his opinion if i was torn between two things. Good luck!

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    Actually I think it depends on the man. I had a friend who was engaged to a man who was extremely involved in the process (it was actually kinda annoying at times--things it should only be the bride--like the color of her dress...ugh). My finance' has made a few decisions (like at sunset on the beach and a jazz quartet for our reception when we return) but has told me all other are up to me, he would be happy with whatever I decided as long as at the end of it, I was his wife.

    The counselor in me wants to give adive--ask him if he wants to help with anything else... but i wouldn't take NO as he's being lazy...but that is my take on it.

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    I guess my fiance isn't the only one taking a back seat. LOL
    He is excited just not into the planning part. Only 4 more months to go. YIKES!

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    I can tell you that my hubby wanted no part in the planning! I think he might have tried at one point but honestly, he just held me! It might be better for us women in the long run to handle the planning!

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    I started giving my fiance things to do, just to ease some of the stress on myself, like picking out music (he likes music), finding clothes for himself, sending thank you notes for showers, etc.

    Just one at a time, seems to work. When he's done with one, ask him nicely to do another. My fiance also expressed to me the other night that he felt like he knew nothing about our trip or wedding, because I have been doing everything. I told him to start reading the message boards, if he wants to get involved. I highly doubt that will happen.

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    Me and my fiancee have done all the wedding planning together so far, He's even looked at wedding dresses with me as I wanted an idea of what he liked and thought suited me! Maybe im lucky, I don't know...
    But he wants to be involved in everthing about the wedding

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    most heterosexual guy want to know
    where to show up
    when to show up
    and make sure you sit his friends near the bar and away from your aunt helen
    be happy you have been planning this since you were 10 he has'nt lol

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