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    Default 19 days to go for our very 1st trip to CN

    The countdown is on, we are going on our 1st trip to Jamaica , CN and I am sooooo excited. I have been reading posts and it looks like we are heading to paradise. We have been married for 13 years this year and never got to go on a honeymoon so this is it. I have the suitcase out ,clothes ready to pack and lists everywhere as to what I need to do. Is there anything that you can offer in advice to us newbies that I might not think of to bring or anything I need to know before the big day arrives. Thank you to everyone who has posted all the info I have already read it has been very useful and keeps me going in our - 10 weather.

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    Don't overpack. You will spend most of your day in a bathing suit. Just bring clothes for the evening that are comfortable. No one gets really dressed up unless they just want to. It is a very layed back atmosphere where you can really relax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnmariann View Post
    Don't overpack. You will spend most of your day in a bathing suit. Just bring clothes for the evening that are comfortable. No one gets really dressed up unless they just want to. It is a very layed back atmosphere where you can really relax.
    This is SOOOO true. Before we went for our first tim in November, I had read this over and over and thought "we are not like that, we like to sit in the afternoon in shorts and t shirts" But found once we got there, we didn't need much but our bathing suits. I thought we packed light then but we will have less this year when we go.

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    Thanks Jimnmariann I am trying really hard not to pack things unneccesary. Has anyone had to pay a departure fee to the airport and if so how much? Just want to know in case we need to, my airline wasn't very knowledgable about whether we need to or not. Thanks and now 17 more days !!

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    Jimnmariann nailed it. Don't overpack. Swimsuit and cover-up by day, casual wear by night. Not much in between.
    I would suggest hats for both of you. At some point it seems my scalp gets burnt from walking the beach everyday. By the third or so day, I'm in need of a hat.
    Don't forget to put sunscreen on your feet!! My husband has learned this the hard way! He wasn't able to wear shoes for most of the trip as the tops of his feet had blisters.
    I also like to bring room spray (for the bathroom). Someone suggested it on this MB a few years ago. I like the Bath & Body Works ones as they are smaller and don't take up much space in your luggage. I suggest "Coconut-Lime Verbana" scent. Then, every time you smell it will remind you of paradise!!
    Congratulations on 13 years and enjoy your trip. CN is amazing!

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    We just returned from CN on the 16th. Although the rain dampened our vacation a little we still enjoyed it very much.

    It is very layed back. Great staff and great service. I suggest bringing only one dressy outfit to eat at Othehite (sp) restaurant. Great food. My husband had the best beef tenderloin there . . it melted in your mouth. Lychee is also very good.

    We overpacked and like the pp stated, you dress up only if you want to. Enjoy . . we miss it!

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    And make sure that the clothes you have to wear home are big and roomy. If you are like us, you will need it. The last time we were there I gained 6 lbs.

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    Honeymooning at CN...Couples Negril
    Your first trip to Jamaica and I believe you have picked the #1 resort in Jamaica..I am so very happy for the two of you.

    Please seek out CN's GM Karen Lanigan tell her that Tommywommy says Hi.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CN and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff
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    Oh my on your way to single digits!!!!! Be aware of dress codes for dinner, other than that you know what to take, but more importantly what you need to leave home is all the stress and all the worries.

    Have a wonderful first trip to JA and to Couples!

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks everyone good tips, I would have never thought of sunscreen on the feet!! And Hats too, I really hate sun tan places so i am going without a base, could be a bit scary the first few days until we get used to the sun. I have just packed a few things and removed things and said to my hubby , I think we can take a smaller case. So hopefully that means I am lightly packed. I also liked the advice to leave the stress etc. behind, I think that may be a chore and I am really going to try hard to do that. I am hoping once my fett are on the floor the rest will fall in place. We have 2 children we will be leaving at home ( obviously) so we will be missing them , can you buy stuff from the vendors that they would like and what typically is the prices of things. I also do not want to bring too much money with me. I am really looking forward to this trip and now its down to 16 days !!

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    I like to bring tealight candles as well for the room at night, it sets a romantic mood!!

    69 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    Default you are going to love CN

    nazcat, you are going to love CN. My husband and I have also been married 13 years, we have two kids and never got to have a honeymoon. We went to CN last Feb. for the first time. We not only feel in love with each other again but we also feel in love with Jamaica. It was very hard to leave the kids and just get away, but once we landed in Jamaica I left it all behind in the cold state of Nebraska. We called the kids every evening before we went to dinner to check in and they were always fine.

    As for what to pack, we over packed last year. All you need are swimsuits and cover-ups during the day, fun sun dresses for the evening. One restaurant does have a strict dress code, especialy the guy. Bring lots of sunscreen, we ran out last time and the resort has a very limited selection. The beach bag is a must.

    You should try the couples massage in the tree house spa, it was truly amazing. We also did the private dinner on the beach, again, amazing. Both of these things can be booked once you get to the resort.

    As for spending money, I can't remember exactly how much we brought with us, but we did buy a few things from beach venders for the kids and that did not total more than about $40. We also purchased a canvas painting from a local painter and that was about $100, my husband had to have it, and it is beautiful.

    The best advise I can give is relax, enjoy your spouse, be crazy and enjoy every minute of every day.

    My husband and I are headed back in 13 days, Feb. 7-13, my bags are already packed. What days are you going to be at CN?

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    Hi becktamara1 , wow you sound just like us exactly 2 kids 13 years we live in Canada so you could imagine how cold that is, and we will be there the same dates! Did you get a calling card when you got there to call the kids? If so , where , should I get it from the airport before getting to the resort or are they available at the resort?

    Myapapya , i love the idea of tea lights just hope I don't burn the place down LOL.

    We are getting closer 11 more days , just bought some sundresses and sunglasses and Have repacked about 5 times now. It is snowing down like carzy right now so I am really looking forward to not seeing the stuff!

    Thanks again everyone for the tips much appreaciated!

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    Default are going to have the best time of your life, so be prepared. We went to CN in November. Our first all inclusive, first time to Jamaica and I am so happy that we chose CN because I can't imagine anyplace else that would have been so PERFECT. It is the most beautiful place in the world. I am jealous...we probably won't be able to go back until November.

    Have FUN!

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    Nazcat,when we planed our trip last year to CN I called our cell phone provider to see if we would have service,(we had AllTel) they assured me that we would. Well we didn't, but it actually turned out nice because with my husbands job, he never go's anywhere without his phone being glued to his ear, and had mine worked I would have called the kids several times a day. We put our cell phones in a drawer and it was so nice. We called the kids from the room phone and I think our phone charges were around $60, we always kept the calls short and sweet. I think we may purchase a calling card before we leave this time, if I can remember.
    Hopefully we will run into u during our trip, we seem to have a lot in common. Do u arrive on the 7th, and if so what time?

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    Nazcat - we are also from Canada (Alberta) and will be there in 19 days as well. This will be our 4th trip for Valentines day. We will be there Feb 9 - Feb 23. Been doing the countdown since 289 days so I am very happy we are in the teens finally. You will love CN. I have a Bell Blackbery world phone and it will not work in Negril. See you on the Beach!
    I am not high Maintenance, I am deservedly Spoiled!

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    Thanks cleversole for getting me all excited again LOL, and becktamara1 , I was warned that the cards you purchase in the states or canada will not work there, you have to buy them in Jamaica to call out from there. I will let you know if I find out where to get them, we arrive on the 6th late at night so we will already be by the pool or beach with drinks in hand before you arrive but we will be leaving late on the 13th. I am sure we will run into each other, I will be the one with a perma grin on and pale white skin!!

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    Default Phone

    Becktamara1 - Alltel is now Verizon and they have coverage in Jamaica. If you didn't change cell providers you can buy a month of International phone for something like $70 and data etc. for a bit more and be totally connected. I remember the days with teens- our two kids are now 24 and 21. Go on their website and check it out. Otherwise going dark is a good thing.

    We are very excited about going also. We have been to many places, but this looks fabulous and I am intrigued by this message board. So many friendly people with one thing in common - Couples, Jamaica and romance.

    FYI - we live in Wilderness Ridge. Sorry we will miss you at CN. Maybe we can meet you guys sometime in Lincoln.

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    Nebraska Fan, thanks for the info on the phone, and yes we are now Verison, and after talking to them last week they did say we would have service in Jamaica but I would have to purchase a month of international calling for around $100,(we are on the university plan and it seems we allways pay more than if we were not). I did decide not to tell my husband of this option, just so that we could put the phones away for a week, like I'v said before his phone is attached to his ear even when he sleeps. He will have just finished recruiting season and I'm pretty sure he used about 10,000 cell minutes this month, so a little time away is needed.
    So funny that you all live in Wilderness Ridge, because we are right acroos Yankee Hill, in Stone Ridge Estates. What a small world!

    Have a great time at CN, GO BIG RED!

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    Wow - a "stones" throw away!

    I can't imagine recruiting season. What a great plan - get them signed, escape to paradise and go dark!!! We can't wait for Negril or next season. I am going to the recruiting dinner next week, the spring game and we have already booked our room for Seattle.

    Fly safe and use plenty of suncreen. Go Big Red (just don't get too RED!)

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    Nebraska Fan, it is truly a small world.
    I will also be at the recruiting dinner next week, if you see us please say hello. I can't believe FB season is over, looking forward to spring ball and next season. But I'm going to enjoy my husband for a week at CN before things get crazy again.

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    Default 8 more days

    8 MORE DAYS!!!! I can not believe when I first posted this it was 19 and now 8 AAAAUUUGHHHHH!!!!

    I have been loading up my ipod and I remember reading somewhere that there is a docking station in the rooms , does this docking station have speakers so we may listen to our music ? Just a silly question but was thinking about it as I was doing my playlists.

    Also while we are there the Olympics in Canada begin on the Friday , was wondering if there is something going on for it as Jamaica is sending there first Bobsled team since 1988 Calgary! They are also sending a woman skeleton and a free style skier. I would love to get a Jamaican Olympic shirt of somesort to support them, do they have any there that anyone has seen? I have been trying to find cool runnings the movie to get into the spirit and to see some of Jamaica too LOL.

    The countdown is getting closer, can not wait!!!

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    Default 14 days to Valentines Day !

    Becktamara1 I will try to find you and your husband at the recruiting dinner. When you were at Couples last year, did you venture off the property? If so, what did you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nazcat View Post
    I have been loading up my ipod and I remember reading somewhere that there is a docking station in the rooms , does this docking station have speakers so we may listen to our music ? Just a silly question but was thinking about it as I was doing my playlists.
    Yes, they have speakers to listen to your ipod outloud.
    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Nebraska fan, last years visit to CN we did not leave the resort other than our morning walks on the beach. We didn't want to be running all over, just wanted to lay on the beach and relax. We have talked about doing more this trip, but we will just have to see what we are up for. I'm sure you would enjoy anything the island has to offer. Enjoy and good luck with your adventures! 6 more days for us!

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