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Thread: CSS July 8-13

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    Default CSS July 8-13

    Pat and Deb....Missouri

    July 8-13
    First Timers !!!
    surprise trip for her birthday
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    Hi Pat and Deb, looks like we arrive the same day. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Only 60 day

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    Default 60 days out

    I can't believe that we are 60 days out. We are very excited. The airlines keep changing our times. Now we are going through Miami and not arriving in Jamaica until Thursday (8 th) evening. It's all good, though.
    Never been to ocho rios area. Where are you all from??

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    Looking forward to our trip......
    re-routed through Miami and not arriving now until Thursday evening. Just love airlines !!!
    Will be a very quick 60 Days !!!!

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    Default Flights

    We have been lucky so far with travel. We were hoping we wouldn't be the only first timers. We'll hold a seat for you guys at the bar when you arrive. Cheers to a great holiday.

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