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    Anyone have any info on golf the Couples Negril, costs for club rental, caddy, etc. How is the course? Thanks!

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    My husband and I have played the course each time we have been to Negril. We usually play 4-5 times (9 holes) during each trip. We have a great time playing there - the caddies are very friendly. If you come back more than once, you can request your caddy from the previous day (a nice change compared to other courses on the island). We always walk the course.

    We enjoy the course. Depending on type of course you regularly play, you may find it a bit rustic - do not expect perfectly groomed fairways and greens - but that said they are in pretty good shape.

    We always bring our own clubs - I have looked at the rentals - they seem quite old. If you are going to play more than twice I would suggest bringing your own clubs.

    Here are some links, the first is to the Negril Hills web-site and the last two are reviews.

    I cannot remember what the caddie fees or club rental charges were, but we tipped the caddies $1.00 US per hole each.


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    I just found the following on the FAQ page:

    Couples Negril & Couples Swept Away:
    Negril Hills Golf Course
    The 18 hole par 72 course, measuring 6,333 yards, is distinguished by gently undulating fairways, elevated tees and greens, picturesque water hazards and lush tropical vegetation.

    -Caddy is mandatory at $14 per caddy for 18 holes; $7 for 9 holes.
    -Carts are optional at $35 per cart for 18 holes; $17.50 for 9 holes.
    -Club Rental: $18 per set (all rentals available in ladies and gents, left & right handed)


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    How long does it take to go to the course, play nine, and return? Thank you

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    Hi there, just got back from CSA 29/12 - 12/01 but was also at CN last New Year. I played about 6 rounds of golf each time (18 holes) and had it down to a fine art!

    The time for the golf really depends on A - are you walking or taking a cart and B - are you playing on your own orn with others.

    Generally speaking i would advise if you want to walk 18 holes then you'd be ok to do it first thing in the morning (shuttle bus leaves at 8am)you would also be fairly safe if you were going round as a 2 ball, A 3 or 4 ball may struggle walking as the shuttle returns in the afternoon at about 1.30pm to drop off any afternoon golfers and pick up the morning golfers.

    I played a few times in the morning and usually just hooked up with anyone playing on their own after i got on the shuttle. If you're a half decent golfer you would probably get round in plenty of time and have the choice of waiting about till the shuttle bus arives about 1.30pm or stump up a few bucks for a cab. If you speak to your caddy they may know someone who's going that way and can drop you off or get a taxi called for ya. Normally expect to pay about $10.
    Afternoon golf is a bit trickier, shuttle leaves at 1pm from resorts (arrives at golf course about 1.20pm) and is normally back about 3.30 - 4pm to pick up. Now, i went out a few times on my own in a cart and played 18 holes with my caddy (ask for Delroy if you want a good laugh and excellent course management tips!) and i was regularly getting back between 3.30 and 4pm which was fine for me. A lot of people do just turn up in the afternoon and play 9 holes which is the safe option.

    As i said, it all depends on if you're walking or not and how many are with you, you should have a rough idea how long you normally go round 18 holes "on a good day" i'd add a bit of contingency time for playing at Negril for any wayward shots whilst you familiarise yourself with the course! Happy golfing

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    When we have gone top play 9 holes - we take the afternoon shuttle and are back at CN for about 4:30. If you want to play 18 holes - plan for the full day.

    We usually only do 9 holes.


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    We've decided not to bring our clubs, as there is plenty to do on the resort itself. But at least the cost of renting their clubs, beat up as they may be, seems quite reasonable, and if we choose to walk the course, it could make for a somewhat inexpensive day. So we're not going to rule out golfing during our short stay at CN. If we hook up with another couple who intends on hitting the course, we just may follow suit.

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