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    Default Things to do at CSS - Starlight Gala?

    Hey there...We are going to CSS in April and wanted everyone's suggestions on the best stuff to do while there. Can anyone tell me what the Starlight Gala is all about? Also, what is there to do at night after dinner. We are going with another couple, and like to have a few drinks at night and are curious of the best things to do. Also - what are the excurisons like? Is Dunns River Falls really included, and how is it? How is Margaritaville - what type of crowd generally goes there, and how far is it from the hotel? What else is good to do? Any thoughts/suggestions? Would love to hear some expert advice!! Thanks!

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    The Starlight Gala is not to be missed! They set up tables on the main lawn, complete with twinkling lights in all of the trees. Numerous tents are set up with buffet items (salads tent, meats tent, dessert tent, etc.). There is free flowing wine during dinner, and a stage show afterwards. It was really special.

    We did not go to Dunns River on our trip to CSS in January (we had gone on a cruise), but we knew people who went, and yes, it is totally included in your package.

    After dinner, we frequently went to the Balloon Bar where they would have bands playing and dancing on the patio. The beach bar is also open late and features a Mento band several times a week. The Beach Party on Tuesday includes vendors along the beach.

    The only excursion we took was through Fern Gully - it was beautiful and well worth the cab ride. The Concierge will set everything up for you (we had to pay for the cab fare as this is not included).

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    The Starlight Gala is awesome. It is where you go for dinner on Fri nite (all restaurants are closed) but you could still stay in your room and order room service if you want.

    They start setting it up that morning and it's cool to watch it come to life.. lights wrapped around the trees, tents for different cuisines, ice sculptures and tables set up for about 6 at a table.

    They have the stage set up and provide entertainment while eating. You go through to each tent you want to visit and they serve you whatever you want, one was italian, one was seafood, one was meat etc...

    After the meal, they have singing and entertaininment on the stage for your enjoyment, and you get to go up and dance if you wish.

    Then after the evening is done, about 10pm, they invite all to come over to Sunset Beach and continue the party there at the bar.

    Lots of fun, and we truly enjoyed all of it.

    Yes Dunns River Falls is included... and it's definitely something you need to do, we went 3 times while we were there, we enjoyed it so much.

    Take enough to tip 4 people about $5 each (2 guides up the falls, your driver, and the videographer guy)... I carried a waterproof containeer around my neck for my room key and tip money.

    Just wear your bathing suit, and water shoes/sandals.

    If you want to shop, be very brave and take extra money for that... you will walk through a market when leaving and they are very aggressive, so either be ready to haggle aggressively back, or just keep your head down and say no thank you as you keep walking.

    Buy the DVD, it is worth it... was $40 and the videographer brings it to the hotel for you a few hours later in the day in the lobby.

    Margaritaville is not worth it in my opinion... you can get drinks for free at the resort and not have to deal with the crowds.

    Each evening at CSS you go up to the Balloon Bar for evening entertainment after dinner. Different games etc... going on. The Balloon Bar is next to the lobby.

    Enjoy yourselves and have a great time!

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