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    Default Planning our 2nd trip to CSS


    We are planning our 2nd trip to CSS this year, we discovered the joys of SSB on the first where we spent most of our Hol !!!

    We went in May last time and the weather was a bit cool at times, we were wondering if June is a warmer month.

    Would love to hear from anyone who's planning a trip then.


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    How cool was the weather in May?? We have bee 3 times in early March and each time the weather was in the low 80's (warm for us Canadians)

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    Default Weather


    When we were there it was mid to late 70's some days, and we had little short bursts of rain. It was just warm enough on the beach. We had a great time though, we are thinking of going in June hoping for it to be a lil warmer !!

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