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    Default One more dress code question for CSS

    We're wondering what "resort attire" means, is it different from resort casual? It doesn't state men have to wear pants and closed toe shoes to Palazzina or Cassanova but then it states no shorts, very confusing. Would longer, dress shorts and nice sandals be allowed for men?

    What have previous guests worn at these restaurants?

    We're attempting to pack and not sure what should be packed!


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    For the Cassanova wear khakis (long pants), closed shoes, and a polo or hawaiian colored button shirt. For Palazzina can wear nice dress shorts and same type of top and nice sandals.

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    What I stated was for dinner only. Pallazina during the day is open for breakfast and lunch and you just wear your bathing suit shorts and a t shirt and flip flops for that.

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    We were at CSS last January. Bob wore a dress shirt and khakis to Casanova; he work dress shorts (Bermudas) and a polo shirt both times to Pallazina for dinner. Sandals are OK at Palazzina.

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