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    Default March 15-20 First Timers CSA

    Hello all, my husband and I booked our trip to CSA several months ago and its actually starting to become real now that its only like 7weeks away. Just a few jitters but the more I read from everyones post to more comfortable I am getting. This will be our first time flying out of the country and everyone seems to have the same take on it, just be smart in your travels. I was wondering if anyone had any of the spa treatments, I was thinking of a pedicure before we left but kinda would like to do it there if its worth it. Has anyone done the private dinner on the beach, is it worth it. We are staying in the Great House Vernandah Suite, any comments on that? I am so excited about our trip and keep x'ing off the days of the calendar!
    Thanks heymake

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    Get a Pedicure at home and get a polish change to freshen it halfway through your trip...

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    Sue and I did the private dinner on the beach and it is still to this day one of our favorite dinners we have had. just relax and be ready to meet a wonderful staff that is really going to make your stay special.


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    Hi there! My b/f and I did the couples massage and it was wonderful! I know what you mean about the pedicure but I will probably just have mine done here before we go again in May. The spa is very nice - you will like it. I plan on doing a facial, wrap or scrub this next time. You will have a great time. We considered going to another Couples this time around but CSA called us back. Lucky you going in March - we have to wait till May!

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    The body polish/body scrub was out of this world !!! I was so relaxed I was not sure I would be able to walk back to my room !! Plan for some extra time so you can relax in the spa pool ahead of your treatment. Hubby and I had the couples massage,it too was wonderful!

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    If you decide to do the private dinner on the beach I would book it before you leave. March is a busy time, and all the dates do get booked. I would hate to have you wait until your trip, and then to find there are no available dates. Friends stayed in the Great House Verandah suites and they loved them. They said they heard no noise from the nightclub or the restaurant. The view was great, and they are new. Have a great vacation and you will love CSA!

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    My husband and I are going to CSA and have the great house verandah suite. I am a little the room as quiet and romantic as the other types being that it is in the more hotel like area? Is it close enough to the fun stuff but far enough away to be romantic? please respond

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    Mrs. Tallman had a seaweed wrap and a facial treatment during our last trip to CN (in addition to an extended couples massage). She enjoyed the facial one the best, and has intentions to have at least one of these during our visit this year to CSA.

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    We have had the couples massage and I have also had a facial - both were great and I would do it again. The new spa is better than ever. We had the private dinner in the gazebo on our wedding night and it was worth it for sure. Would we do it again? Probalby not, once was good. We would use the money for spa treatments and the gift shop.

    Enjoy your trip - we can't wait until we can get back home.

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    Thanks so much everyone for all the tips. We are soooo excited to go! We were married in June of 08 and didnt get to take our honeymoon right away, Im glad we postponed it. I figured Id have my pedicure done ahead of time and then do some spa stuff while we are there. Do you have to book them before you arrive or can you book when you get there, that goes the same for the private beach dinner. Anyone else going in March?
    Thanks heymake

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    Heres what you need to do before getting to CSA,,,pack 1 carry on bag,,,3 bathing suits,,,3 shirts and shorts,,,toothbrush,toothpaste,,,,and thats it,,,
    When you get there,,,,change into swim suit,,,go to bar,,,get drinks,go to beach,,,come out of water,,eat,,,get more drinks,,,go back in water,,,,REPEAT THIS EVERY DAY UNTIL U HAVE TO LEAVE ,,,,,

    (notice no undies on packing list,,,not needed in Jamaica)

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    You are going to love CSA! Definitely get the pedicure before you leave and then do another spa treatment. I haven't had any yet, but intend to get some sort of facial and the hand treatment when we go this October. Oh, and we are doing the couples massage too. It will be my husbands first time getting a massage. Enjoy! It's paradise.

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