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    Headed to CTI Feb.3 with wife and friends. We are all visiting for the first time. We are wondering about the deluxe garden view rooms and what we need to be aware of as we visit Jamaica and Couples for the first time. Any advice?

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    The only thing to know is that you will LOVE CTI!!! The garden rooms are very nice. Leave your patio doors open in the evening to hear the sounds of the garden. Very relaxing!

    Hmmm...what should you be aware of about Couples? Just that you will more than likely become a repeater and will be back on this board deciding which Couples to go to next year

    As for entering Jamaica, here's the Cliffs Notes version:

    One you get off the plane you'll be routed to Immigration. Once you pass this, then you will head to Baggage Claim. By the time you get here, chances are your bags will have already been taken off of the carousel and will be sitting next to it. Find your bags and head to Customs. Go to the Nothing to Declare line (assuming you have nothing to declare!) and once through, you're home free!! Keep heading to the Airport Exit and you will see the Couples Lounge. I've attached a pic. Once at the Lounge, you will check in, they will mark your luggage for your resort, then you are set! Belly up to the bar for a drink, use the bathroom, have a seat...but don't get too comfortable - the longest we've ever waited for a bus was about ten minutes - barely long enough to finish a drink. You really can't miss it!

    We love CTI and would be happy to share our pics or resort map if you'd like (

    Have a great trip!
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    Your room will be located in the main building, block# 3 on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and South Wing, block # 5 on 1st floors. It is a nice room.

    The only advice is when you approached by a vendor or local trying to sell you something, just say no and walk away. They can be a little pushy.
    Irie Mon

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    Jamaica is very laid back. This go a bit slower than the fast pace of the US. I'm not sure about CTI, but I'm sure a CTI vet will answer your question. You are going to have a blast. Just go with the flow.

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