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    I do not know how to express my sadness for the people of Haiti. I am heartbroken for all of the people, but it breaks my heart to see the babies! How can people go on through this incredible hardship. It just does not seem fair that I am able to think of planning a trip while there are millions of people who do not know that they will survive the next day. This has been a life changing wake up call that most of us are blessed beyond imagination, and it is just the luck of the draw. Please consider giving to the beautiful people of Haiti. Perhaps for me this is the only thing I can do to ease the guilt of being blessed with the life I have. Sorry if I am being a downer.

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    I understand you completely and, for me, I have a difficult time listening to people's concerns about such insignificant things while so many are dead and people are still dying in Haiti...and being buried anonymously or in shared crypts.

    My friend has an adopted daughter from Carrefour, Haiti and they still cannot reach her biological mother and 3 sisters in this area which was badly damaged.

    It helps to know that Jamaica and the Caribbean community is able to send aid to their neighbors.

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    We have been blessed to be able to visit Jamaica five times and we now give money each year to the Issa fund through Couples for the children of Jamaica. The Jamaican people have been so wonderful to us. I am very happy to give a little something back to them.

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