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    Default CTI vs CSA

    Which one has the best wedding site, along with nice rooms. I've seen some pics of both but I'm still undecided. Please Help!!

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    Here are some quick differences:
    CTI - Completely private beach, yet small; separate island for nude sunbathing, 5 restaurants including Bayside that sits on the water; the most inclusions (Dunn's River, catamaran cruise, horseback riding in addition to the others). Only 5 buildings with rooms so the resort is very compact and intimate (though 3 of the buildings are connected). Everything revolves around a central location. Just underwent a $30 million renovation - new rooms, new decor, new pools, etc. Fantastic food.

    CSA - Sits on 7 mile beach. Separate buildings for rooms that are cabana like, dark wood and white linens. Resort is spread out along the beach but all on beach level. Only resort with rooms right on the beach where you can walk off your first floor patio into sand. Fantastic food. Night Club. Some rooms do not have televisions or mini bars 5 restaurants. No nude sunbathing option. Huge sports complex across the street.

    To us, for what we like in a vacation, our favorite resort is CTI, followed very, very closely by CSA. The one big difference between CTI and CSA is the beach. At CTI, the beach is very small, but it's completely private - there aren't any other hotels or public beach access. CSA sits on 7 mile beach, so it's huge, but there are other resorts, as well as public beach access (which also means boats, jet skis and parasails).

    The rooms and layout are also a little different. The CTI buildings might be more hotel like in that the rooms open to a hallway, just like at a hotel, and all rooms are in only 5 buildings (though three are attached so it seems like only 3). Whereas at CSA, for instance, the room buildings are smaller (with only about 12 rooms in each building - but there are about 35 buildings) and the room doors just open to the outside, not to a hallway (except for the GreatHouse Verandah suites). Does that make sense? The rooms themselves are great at both CTI and CSA. Just be aware that some categories at both do not have mini bars and some categories at CSA do not have televisions. The vibe, the service and the food are pretty much identical, as well as the wedding locations.

    I'd be happy to share any resort pics or the maps if that would help in your descision (
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
    CTI - 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
    CN - 2003/2004 CSS - 2008
    CSA - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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    Hi msresha,

    I have some pictures from my recent wedding at CTI posted on my photographers website. under featured. You can check those out to see what a beach wedding looks like at CTI. We had 34 guests and even though the beach is small, it still fit everyone.

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    We just got married at CSA on the beach. I loved the resort. I loved how it was so big that it never felt like it was full even though it was. I loved that it did not have the hotel like feel. But it comes down to what you like. The beach is gogeous and really long. To see pics from our wedding go to

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