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    Default Snorkeling at CSA

    My husband and I were thinking of bringing our own snorkel,mask, and flippers is this ok?
    Thanks heymake

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    It is completely Ok for you to bring your own snorkel gear but not necessary. There was plenty of gear available each time we did the snorkeling trip and it was in good repair. There is not much to see snorkeling right on the beach.

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    We always bring our own gear. Yes, they have everything you need, but if you have your equipment, you can usually get onto a full boat if you forget to make a reservation.

    And they're called "fins" not "flippers". Flipper was a dolphin.
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    Ok great, I figured that they would have plenty of equipment. My husband was more concerned with the cleanliness of using them lol.

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    We bring our masks and tubes (don't own fins) just for use on the beach. Its really the only time we get to use ours, being land-lubbers from Wisconsin.

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    Oh yes we always bring our snorkels and masks but use the fins at the resort. There are plenty of those!

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    We always bring our own snorkel equipment. Although the equipment at CSA is fine, it's just nice to have your own stuff that you know fits. Our snorkels are also a step up from the ones at CSA. And it's true, if a snorkel trip is "booked", they may still let you on the boat if you tell them that you have your own equipment.

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