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    We will be traveling to CN and I know they have IPOD docks in the room. I don't have an IPOD but have GPX MP3 player. Do they work in the docks? I am VERY techno-challenged Can anyone tell me how to make my MP3 player work?

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    oxbgirl - can't completely answer your question but no one else has replied.

    Our MP3 player (non-IPOD) did not work at all with the docking station at CN - no music and no charge. Some docking stations have a wire extension that will plug into the earphone jack on your player. We couldn't find such a wire at CN. Several threads recommending bringing a male/male wire to plug into the docking station, like this thread from Chris. He is typically a CSA guest, but they are likely the same at CN. Search "IPOD" or "MP3" threads perhaps.

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