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    Default Dunns River Falls

    Hi all - just getting used to this MB (I *thought* I posted this Q already!!) . . .

    We will be staying at CTI in March. We plan to go to Dunn's River Falls. What is appropriate attire for this excursion? Bathing suit with shorts and T-shirt over it? Is there a place to store one's belongings (ie: locker) at Dunn's River Falls? I have read that it's best to take/wear your own water shoes.

    Any information you can provide that will make our planning easier would be greatly appreciated!

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    Bathing suit with shorts and T-shirt are just fine for Dunn's River. You your belongings on the bus and the bus is locked when you leave. Bring your own water shoes or old sneakers or you can rent water shoes outside the falls The bus will stop before your get to the falls if you need rental shoes

    Just avoid the craft village as you leave the fall to return to the parking lot. The vendors are very aggressive there and it is the worst experience we have had in Jamaica and we have been to Jamaica 18 times Just depart thru the entrance. Bear left instead of going thru the craft village, you will not be sorry.

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    As far as I remember, I think we left our shorts etc on the bus and wnt in our bathing suits.

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    We were just there last month, you can wear anything but most people just wore their swimsuit and left clothes on bus. EVERYTHING that you carry with you off the bus will get wet! So if you want pictures bring a water camera, and stash a few dollars in your pocket for tipping the guide and camera/video guy. They dont care if they are wet! lol

    A word of advice is to make sure your swimsuit fits good, many of us almost lost our bottoms a few times when you go on the slide and fall backwards area.

    We had a blast and bought the $40 video and even though it was a little cheesy it is fun to re-watch!

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    Thanks all! I'm so looking forward to our trip to CTI!!

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    The women should be careful to not lose their tops while under the falls. It might really upset the guys in the group. Or not.

    My GF almost found that out the hard way...
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    Just wear your bathing suit and good gripping sandals or water shoes. I kept our room key and tip money in a waterproof container on a string around my neck. Don't need anything else. You'll need to tip four different people, we tipped each $5 (driver, videographer, and two falls guides) Aggressive craft market after exiting the falls, either be brave and haggle, or say no thank you and continue out quickly.

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    Also, watch out for loose fitting rings. People have lost them before.

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    Default what to wear at DRF?

    Have you seen any square cut lycra shorts on guys? my wife likes those....but not speedos

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    Default Tour Length

    Hi All
    CTI booked 6-13 Nov, Dunns River Falls sounds fun, for medical reasons, can anyone tell me how long we would be in the water and away from the bus?

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    You will be off the bus about 1 hour. In the water is about 30 minutes. If you have any health issues you can choose not to walk up the falls in the water. They have an easy staircase with many picture stops with benches to sit down and see and enjoy the falls. Dunns River falls is a National Park with gardens etc etc

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    Ron, we were in the water around an hour and a half total. Not sure what your medical issues are but the water is a little rough and you climb on rocks the entire time your in the water. If you want you can also just go and take the steps to view the falls and not actually climb.

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    Default Tour Length

    Thank you, 1.5 hours no problem. Looking forward to it.

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