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    Default Medical care near CN?

    I am really stuck what to do! I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and due to fly out from the UK to CN for our long anticipated and well needed relaxing trip at CN. However I am currently experiencing problems with gallstones with severe pain and though I haven't been advised not to travel I am apprenhensive about visiting such a far away country with a different medical system. I have full travel insurance that covers care related to gallstones. Am I being silly to be worried? I so need a relaxing trip!!! What are hospitals like in the area? Chances are this pain won't reoccur but you just never know!!

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    Default Use Care

    I have not visited the hospital in negril, but I have seen the resort doctor a few times and the nurse. The resort doctor, doctor on call, is a American that has been there for about 10 years. Nice guy, think he knows his stuff, but somewhat limited on what he can do. One thing that surprised me is the lack of medicines available in in Jamacia. The strongest pain killer he can provide is Tylenol 3 with codine. Also be advised, all medical care is paid with cash in jamacia, or charge card, then you file for insurance after the fact, they do not file insurance.

    I travel all over the world some not to pleasant places and always have one rule. Carry enough cash or travelers checks or a large enough credit line on your credit card to be able to fly out to a proper medical facility at any time.

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    WOW, I would be a nervous wreck if I were you. Your doctor said you could travel?? I don't know that I wouldn't reschedule beings that you have the insurance to do so. I seriously wouldn't want to take that chance.

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    Sunnyhunny - sorry to hear about your medical problem. I've had gallstones and had my gallbladder removed years ago. I was in severe pain prior to the surgery and definitely would not have wanted to be anywhere but home.

    I think if I were you I would discuss this with my doctor. Being pregnant and having gallstones (and in pain) must be a difficult. I think it depends on the severity of your pain and how often you have "attacks". I don't have any knowledge of the medical facilities in Jamaica nor do I want to. But I would think that if I really really thought I would need the medical facilities for a major problem I would have to think long and hard about following through with my plans. You will be a long way from home should an emergency come up. Your doctor would be best suited to give you the best advice.

    I know you don't want to cancel your vacation - nobody does. You can always reschedule for a time after the baby and have a "Mom amd Dad need a break" vacation.

    Good luck with your decision and your health!!!


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    As a gambler we always look at the worst case scenario and if we can live with those results we place our bet...
    when thing ( bets) go well it is easy however when thing dont go well is when our character is tested so look at the worst case if you go and become ill will you be confident comfortable and secure in the results

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    closest hospital is in Montego Bay, I have heard that it is not a pretty site.

    Not sure that I would take that chance.

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    Oh my I think I'd reschedule that trip until your medical issues are over. Jamaica is a third world country and the medical care will not be like what is in the US or UK.
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    First of all, Jamaica definitely is NOT a third world country. That term is rarely used anymore and when it is it's in reference to places like Haiti and the poorest countries in Africa, etc. Jamaica is considered to be part of the developing world, and it's one of most developed of the countries in that category.

    Aren't gallstones, like kidney stones, basically just ticking time bombs? You could have difficulty tomorrow, or not until months or years from now. It seems like you're leaning toward going, and I would too if it were me. And I would rest assured that if I fell ill during my trip I would receive good care until I could fly home. Plus, if your doc isn't telling you NOT to travel that's a good sign. (This coming from someone who would have to be in a body cast not to go to Couples. And even then I might still try to go. )

    Definitely do more research on your condition, the healthcare in Jamaica and maybe even get a second opinion on whether you should travel. Be as informed as possible so you have full confidence in the decision you make.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you are ultimately able to vacation in paradise!

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    Gall stones in themselves are not usually life threatening (on rare occurrences they are). Generally, they cause moderate to severe pain but, that can usually be managed with pain medications until surgery can be scheduled (in your case after the baby is born most likely). If I were you, I would bring good pain killers (just in case) prescribed by your doctor at home, eat very carefully while in Jamaica (low, low fat - fatty foods cause gall bladder "attacks") and be prepared to leave Jamaica early if you end up in pain. I wouldn't count on seeking health care in Jamaica for this pre-diagnosed condition. I would try to manage it myself and get home if necessary.

    The key really will be your diet. If you can eat a very low fat diet the chances of a flair up are greatly reduced.

    I hope you can manage to take this trip. Good luck to you!

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