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    OK, I am confused. We just returned from CN , 7th trip. In the past we always booked through a TA, but decided to start looking at rates. I went to the couples page and looked at rates to try and book direct. I looked at CN for Jan 1 to jan 15th, 2011. Delux Garden room.

    The quoted price that came up was $6900. This is more than $2000 more than we paid this past trip. However, there is also a flaged part under the room that says earn a 50% discount for early booking , giving us the 14 days for about $3700. When I go to the page to book it shows the $6900 amount, so I did not book.

    So whats the rate if I book now for jan 2011.

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    As I understand, the "up to 50% off" for early booking is only for the "off" season (August through Christmas). Other seasons are discounted for the early booking, but less than 50%. The rate for Jan, 2011 would be $6900. This is pretty easy to see from the table:

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    The amount you are seeing under the "Save 50%" area is per person. That is why you are back up to $6900 when you get to the actual booking section. I am not sure why it is so much more than you paid this year but we paid about $3800 (resort only) for the trip we will be taking in a few weeks so for us the prices for next year are about the same.

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    I think I forgot to mention that the 3800 we paid is for only one week!

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    I am not sure if you booked. You may want to call the 800 #, you can also book through that number.

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    NO we did not book. I will have the TA look into it, and we will also call couples. As much as we want to go back, I am not willing to pay that much more for the trip than we did this year. Travel would be the same time we have traveled each year so dates are not the issue.

    I know COuples was increasing rates, but I can not believe they would increase then this much. I really hope that this is an error and I am able to come close to our past rates, we hate thinking of giving up on couples, but money is not un limited either.

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    it said save up to 50%

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    I apologize for my bad math. You are right in that it should cost closer to $3000 based on rate table. A call to Couples is warranted. Let us know how it works out.

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