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    Default booked CN for APRIL 2010, 1st timer questions

    hi, were visiting CN in APril & im wondering which building has the best views most privacy(not close to noisy roads)& are the sand fleas really bad in april if so what can we use to prevent bites?

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    Any room at CN will suit you. Don't worry about road noise. We have had rooms close to the road and were never bothered by noise. The only time you may hear it is when you are in the bathroom.

    Best views? Buildings 1 thru 5 are on what I call the Tropical Garden side and 6 thru 9 on the open side. Both have GREAT views and it becomes a matter of personal like and dislike.

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    Our trips to Jamaica are always in April and we have never had a problem with sand fleas. Bring some Skin So SOft to use as a repellant and you will be fine.
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    ok thanks!!!!!

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    We are coming Apr 2-11th. Our first time as well. Counting the days!!!

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    60 days and counting down

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