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    We are booked in June to return to CN for our 10th wedding anniversary. However, I am wondering if we should look into CSA instead. It appears that CSA has more things (bars/ restaurants, etc). Also, is there a casino at CSA??

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    Look at both and see which really appeals to you. Read the reviews and check out the photos, especially the ones taken by guests and not the resort. CN and CSA are quite different.

    CSA is our preference but CN has legions of fans as well. We like the sprawling grounds and the excellent fitness facilities as well as the beach. Rooms are quite private, especially in the original section.

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    CSA has slightly more, and is more spread out - but lots of the bars close earlier (beach bars) so are not really "evening" places...however the nightlife is maybe a bit livelier than CN, as the martini bar is fun, and Ultimate Chocolate is fab in the piano bar.
    CSA has a "casion room"....but we never saw anyone in it in the 2 weeks that we were I am not sure how much fun there was to be had in there!!

    they are both great resorts though, so if you have been to CN before, then might as well try CSA next for comparison!

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    I think they both offer about the same amount of activities. Like stated, CSA is just more spread out and has a larger stretch of beach. Forget the casino at CSA, like stated it is empty and very small. I also agree about the rooms at CSA. THe rooms in the old section are very private, have huge terraces and very quiet. There are only 4 in a block. I enjoyed both resorts, but the one that keeps calling me home is CSA.

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    Something is telling you to give CSA a try, so you better do it! But seriously, why not try another resort? You then can decide which one you like better. If you never try, you will never know. We love CSA and like that it is spread out (like a small village) and has lots of bar and restaurant options. Mix it up. You only live once. Good luck.


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