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    Default Oops!!

    When my wife and I booked our vacation to CSA back in October we never noticed that we are going to be there during Easter. OOPS sorry family for being absent for Easter dinner! Guess we will have to try and enjoy our stay anyway- sarcasm!! A quick question though, how far in advance to people usually start tanning? Dont want to torch my Irish skin and miss all that CSA has to offer.


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    I am quite fair skinned. A month before our trip I purchased 10 sessions at a tanning salon. I used the type of machine where you cannot burn. Started off with three days in a row of less than 10 minutes. Spaced the rest of the sessions out over the next four weeks. Never went over 13 minutes in the booth. Got a good start to the tan, and really didn't have to utilize as much sunscreen as I thought I would when we were at CSS, although I did spend a good amount of time under the palapas. While tanning beds aren't good for you, I figure since I'm only doing it for a short period of time I am minimizing the damage. Worked for me!

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    Hi Kirky,
    We are also there for Easter, I am very fair and usually do a fair few sessions on the tanning beds for about 6 weeks leading up to the holiday and then I still have to use factor 50 or I burn!
    This is our first visit to CSA when do you arrive???

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    We are both have average complexions, and both tan quite well. We tan for 8-12 weeks before our trips. We have unlimited packages, but pay to upgrade to higher level beds. We go every 1-3 days, starting out slowly, and by the time our trip arrives, we're maxing out every bed - with the "hot" lotions. We get dark!

    I know people are gonna jump on board and talk about how tanning beds are bad, and "base tans" offer little protection...

    We tanned little before our first trip. Even using 30 and 50 we got mild sunburns all week. Trips two and three we used 30 for a day, 15 for a couple days, and nothing for the rest of the week. We never felt a hint of a sunburn on those trips.

    I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, I'm just saying what works for us. Speaking of which... time to start tanning in about two weeks!!!

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    We always tan about a month before. It works for us to get a base and this keeps us from burning in the hot Jamaican sun. We do use sun screen on the beach. We know tanning is not good for the skin. But, burning is worse. Besides, tanning warms us up during these cold Iowa winters and ramps up the excitement of going on vacation.

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    It all depends on your skin. I normally do not go to tanning booth, but I start out with a 15 SCF for day one, day 2-3 I use a 10 SCF, then I use 4 or 6 the rest of the trip.
    Irie Mon

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    Hey Kirky I also have to take care of the skin I inherited from my Irish ancestors. I follow the routine Bilkat described. I purchase 4-5 weeks and start slow. By arriving at the resort with a good base AND STILL BEING SMART WHILE IN THE SUN it adds a lot to my enjoyment.

    When it gets too hot join me for a pint at the swim up bar. We will be there for Easter as well so the first round is on me. Be warned though that after the second round I may break out into a terrible rendition of Danny Boy.

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    Please ask your dermatologist about whether tanning is good for you. It's really, really bad for you. "Base tans" do absolutely nothing.

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    Well we are booked for Easter too! Same boat with the family but geuss we will all survive. I also have the Irish Skin and live in VT. I tan a month before and spread out 10 Tans every 3rd day and that seems to work!

    Guess we will be the white Irish people there on Easter

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    Did the same thing cause that is when the wife has spring recess from the school she works at. Easter in Jamaica,hmmmm sounds real good..

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    Default Thanks to you all!

    Thank you everybody for answering my posts, been very busy working lately so haven't had any time to post. My wife and I will be there April 3-8 so all of you fair skinned folk see ya there!!

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    My GF and I will also be at CSA over Easter and she is of the fair skinned variety as well. I am not, but neither one of us do the pre tanning. Lots of sunscreen, palm tree and especially swim up bar shade for us.

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    I'm also Irish and have fair skin. Luckily for me, I tan quite easily. We leave in 9 weeks and 6 days (but who's counting?) and I plan to start tanning for 10 minutes a couple times a week the beginning of February... Always works well for me!

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