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    Default R We Greedy? I STILL have to ask this...

    We purchased our next trip for the end of March(CN)...where we will receive $500 credit $350spa/$150gift shop cr. Is that over and above our RRewards repeaters perks? I don't know if anyone has asked about/experienced this yet...this will be our 4th visit to couples, and we have enjoyed all of the extra bennies offered from our 1st visit(1/2 hr.couples message from 1st passport stamp) to a room upgrade last trip at CSS..T-shirts, departure snacks, repeaters dinner, etc. We're already thinking of how to parlay this into like 2 1hr couples messages..and maybe credit left over...anyone?

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    I didn't know that special was still going on. Did you book under the special before 1/15?

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    Has anyone experienced this?

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    Yes, we did the same. You can use the Spa credit however you want- any amount left over goes unused. ( you can not use it to Tip, as someone asked here recently )

    When you shop in the Gift Shop you should be able to charge it to your room and then use the credit to pay for it all at Checkout. However, at CTI they did it differently, - they had me keep the Credit Voucher with me and they deducted my purchases from it each time- like a Debit account.

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    Hi LisaPat.... YES , the 350 spa credit & 150 gift shop credit are Above & Beyond and in addition to your Repeaters Perks!! Isn't that GREAT?!!! It's a super deal- we've already enjoyed the extras twice and are fortunate enough to have one more trip booked With all the extras!!! Absolutely Loved that Deal!!
    Art xo Francine

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    when you check in you will be given you 350/150 vouchers. this is apart from your Romance Rewards benefits. you take the spa voucher to the spa and they will deduct from it as you have visits. we used the gift shop voucher at check out. no compensation given for amounts not used during that stay.


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    we received the same benefit package this past December at CSS. It was great. We received the couples 30 min. massage then used the $350 spa credit for 1.5 hour couples massage. The $150 gift shop credit was great also.
    I was trying to get that plan for our trip that we booked this December 2010, but it was not offered.


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    We had the same deal last year when we went to CSS. Yes,it's in addition to the Romance Rewards. It is a good deal and I wish we had it this year for our trip to CSA coming up in April. When did you book your trip? I'm disappointed that I missed it this year.

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    It is over and above the RR certificates. At CTI we could not combine them for the same purchase though.

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    Yep, your Romance Rewards will be in addition. We did this last year and received RR above and beyond the spa booking credit. It was wonderful to say the least

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    Default RR rewards are in addition to

    Hi LisaPat,

    When we arrived at CN in December, we received 2 t-shirts in our room, with Romance Rewards certificates - one for a half hour couples massage, and one for our $75 (passionate love level RR) gift shop credit.

    I had to go to the desk and inquire about our $350/$150 credit certificates. It took a couple of days to get them to us - why ? who knows! These are actually letters you present to the spa and gift shop on your first visits. They will keep them for you and apply your credit just before you check out.

    But, they WERE over and above our Romance Rewards credits. We could use these credits to upgrade our massage to the treehouse. It was great! And no, you're not greedy. If you're entitled to the benefits, you should get them.


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    You can use your credits at the spa in addition to the RR massage but you cannot use your credits to upgrade the 1/2 massage to an hour - you can upgrade to an hour but you have to pay cash.


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    We just returned from CN and are also repeaters. The $350 spa credit and the $150 gift shop credit is stand alone The credit for a repeater is added to it, we had the 1/2 hour massage and an additional $50 credit in the gift shop. As much as the wife tried she could not use all the spa credits up, we left with $75 left. And no, you can not carry it over.

    Since she knows how to shop, she had no problem spending $200 in the gift shops

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    AAS....I'm trying to make sure I understand what you said. So I won't be able to use some of my $350 spa credit to upgrade our free 1/2 hour massage to 1 hour, but have to PAY that difference even tho we have the spa credit? I know I'll only get my Hubby there once for a couples 1 hour massage, so we'd be better off booking it with the spa credits then and not upgrading the 1/2 hour one??

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    We just booked and I didn't notice that the offer was still available. LisaPat did you book your March vacation in 2009 or just recently? Eager to know. Thanks

    Kevin & Angie

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    Default Spa Deal

    Quote Originally Posted by rjammin View Post
    We had the same deal last year when we went to CSS. Yes,it's in addition to the Romance Rewards. It is a good deal and I wish we had it this year for our trip to CSA coming up in April. When did you book your trip? I'm disappointed that I missed it this year.
    We also want to book for next year but hoping that the same deal is offered. We told so many people about this deal that was offered and they too want to book. We hope this is offered again soon !!

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    Thanks everyone for your to those who asked if this is still offered...this was an incentive for booking with a deadline that passed months back, I believe...We put our deposit down in June...for travel this March...when I go back into booking(we booked this time thru Couples) it doesn't show the promo code or credits included...but, my printout from the day I booked hopefully that won't be an issue at check in..

    67 days and counting

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    Was this a special promotion/offer? We are first timers and will be arriving at CN on Feb 12th. I would love to get some spa credits as we plan to book a massage while there.

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