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    Default Repeaters Dinner

    This is our first trip as repeaters. Going to CTI March 24-March 30. Yeah!!! How does everyone dress for the Repeaters Dinner?

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    When we went people dressed up like they do for the gourmet restaurants... and it's a beautful room now after the remodel ...elegant atmosphere. The nicest Repeaters Dinner we've been to.

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    Yay! Welcome to the "club"..hehehehe. Since the repeaters dinner is usually held at the fancier restaurant, I always dress up in a cute little dress. Hubby wears his long pants and Hawaiian style shirt.
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    Just dress like you do for the fancy restaurant...tall pants (as they say there) and closed toe shoes for ususal, about anything except a bathing suit for women.

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    we are going to be going to csa in april and have not gone to a repeaters dinner yet. is the dress code required? i don't think we are going to bring anything that is semi-formal. casual elegance or whatever they called it is about as high on the dressy scale as we planned on going. is that going to be ok?

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    Melody - while the repeaters dinner at CSA is a bit dressier than, say, going to The Palms for dinner, it is by no means formal. You could wear a sun dress or capris or even nice shorts with a nice blouse. Bob usually wears slacks and a polo, but the guys don't need closed toe shoes for the repeaters dinner. I usually wear a dress, but it is a casual dress. For me, dresses are easier to pack and wear than trying to coordinate shorts and tops.

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    Thanks for the info. CTI soon come!

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    We can do that. Thanks! It's a relief once I know what we need to bring.

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