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    Just a quick question, we are going to CTI in May and just curious if possible to find shells on the beach or around that area?

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    You may find them or buy them from locals, but be aware that customs may not let you bring them home. Same deal with the palm frond hats that people make in the hat classes.
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    No, not really. The Caribbean does not have the wave action that brings shells up onto the beach (like Florida or the Carolinas do). You might find small shells, as well as the vendors who sell conch shells and sea biscuits (similar to a sand dollar, but puffy) that they've found while diving.
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    Not a good shelling beach...I bought a couple of large shells from a local guy that paddles up on a surfboard on most days.

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    You will find shells, but they are less than an inch in circumference. Tiny little things.

    There is a 'shell guy' that paddles on a surf board over to the swim area and he has conch shells that you can purchase, but be careful as I've heard these are illegal to take into the States, but maybe others have tried it and succeeded.
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    I've found shells by the pier and the island. Some times you can find them around the rocks near the shore on the right side of the beach.

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    I doubt if you will find anything along the shoreline at CTI, other than some very very tiny shels. They are so small, they only have one "l".
    The thing about shells or coral or any other form of sea life is that you are not allowed to take them into the U.S. Now we have been going to CTI for a long time and know plenty of people that have either found things on a dive or snorkeling, or bought large conch and other shells from a man that sits on a surf board near CTI. We ourselves have "borken the law" by bringing back "stuff".
    This then may becme a moral issue for some. For others there will be still more emotions to be heard.



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    I am going to CSA in April and have the same question! I love hunting for shells!!!

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    Your not going to find many shells on the beach.. so my answer would be NO

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    Swim out and see Mike, he will hook you up!! He will be floating just outside the rope

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    We ALWAYS buy a shell from Mike - it's our yearly tradition and I've never had any trouble with customs. And I always bring them home in my carry-on.
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