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    Default Rumona - Availability?

    Does anyone know of somewhere within walking distance from CSA to get a bottle of Rumona? My husband fell in love with it the last time we were in Jamaica and I thought it would be nice to get a bottle for the room while we’re there.

    I don’t recall whether or not CSA had it at the bars. I did see a post on the board listing it as being available at CN, so maybe CSA will have it??? I know there is a little shop across the street from CSA, but have never ventured over, so am not sure if they would have something like this, and can’t remember if it’s at the gift shop among the rums. Anyone know off hand?

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    Rumona is available at Sunshine Liquor (duty free shop at the Montego bay airport). It costs US10.00 a bottle. We love it too!

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    if it isnt available for you at the resort just ask Elvis pon da beach. if it is around he will know where to get it.


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    Thanks!! Good idea about Elvis.

    I can't recall, is there a duty free when you arrive? I know when you depart, and we definitely plan to stock up before we leave. I was trying to get some for the room. I'm usually so focused on getting to the Couples lounge and getting to the resort that I almost can't even picture the arrivals section of the airport. It's a blur (combined with the fact that it was all under construction the last time we were there).

    Thanks for the help!

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    Nope... you can not visit the duty free at MoBay on arrival. Mebbe available in the resort gift shop?

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    Just Rumona that honey flavored rum liqeur? I've heard of a "honey rum" thing....and just wondering...besides over ice, what are some examples of it in a mixed drink?

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    Duty free is only available as you depart a country.

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    Thanks all! Yeah, that's how I remembered it about the duty free too. I did actually end up going to the airport website. It's greatly improved now! They have maps of everything, which is nice.

    Yes, Rumona is like a honey rum and it's only sold in Jamaica. We discovered it on the Appleton tour. My husband sometimes drinks it straight, but most of the time mixes with a pineapple juice or something. I think it's meant to be just over ice, but neither one of us is straight liquor drinkers. Though it's the only one where I could get close to drinking it's that good.

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