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    Default Repechage Products at home

    My mom and I had amazing facials at CSS two days ago. I had one at CTI last November and loved it as well. My face felt amazingly soft afterward ( in addition to the wonderful face, neck, arm and hand massage that Joan at css gave).

    I picked up one of the Repechage brochures as we were leaving the spa area and searched for spas around home that also used these products. Has anyone else used these outside of the resorts? They are a little pricey so before i ordered i was hoping to get feedback from one of you ladies ( or men!)

    Thank you!

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    Go online put in Repechage in search, a lot of sites will come up that sell it and it will be cheaper than going in a salon to buy.

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    I have been using one of the repechage face masks for many years now, and was very happy to see the Couples spas using their products. I have to order it online now because no one carries it in my area either. I really haven't been able to find anything that comes close to it. Not sure this helps you, but I think you'll enjoy it.

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    i am a cosmetology instructor and love repechage as well as dermalogica...look online or call some of the spas in your area

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    Thank you all. There actually is a salon quite close to me that carries them, but I eventually ordered the Hydra Dew starter pack from amazon. I just wondered if anyone had used the product outside of the resort or whether the amazing results had more to do with the spa personnel. Probably both.

    Thanks for your input!

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