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Thread: Need prayers!!

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    Wow, Beergirl great story, again the brotherhood makes good men better. And congrats to your husband for a serving so much.

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    Someone on here hijaked this thread. It is for my couples friends to help me through this very difficult situation. They have been so amazing and I would really like to have them continue to do so. These people are some of the most caring people and I haven't even meant most of them. So please keep the advice comming. One love. Kim Robinson
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    Default "hijacked thread"

    Dear Kim,

    Wow... I'm sorry you think I "hijacked" your thread. I understand how this is a very trying time for you... coming up on the anniversary of your loved one's passing.

    But, even though Boomer49 and I had a 3 or 4-post conversation that was not directly concerning you, it hardly constitutes "hijacking". It did, however, keep the post towards the top where you could get more help and advice from the amazing people on this board.

    I apologize again for any imagined slight.


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    I wasn't serious!!! Sorry, forgot the LOL!!! All is good. Thanks. Kim

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    Boomer49. I am so sorry about my post. I wasn't serious and again I'm sorry. And thank you for your prayers. So nice of you to think about me. Kim

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    I think of you and your husband often. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this year becomes easier for you.

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    Thank you so much!!! I try to get better, but it's tough when you lose your best friend!. Kim

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    I'm sorry for your loss Kim.

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    Hi Kim, I hope you are feeling a little bit better, I know what you mean about songs etc, it took me years to listen to certain songs after my Mom died and with your husband it is far worse.Take one day at a time and try to do something that you enjoy each day, Wayne will always be in your heart until you meet again, Elaine x

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    Elaine, you just brought a tear to my eye. You really did!! Thanks for caring. I really like hearing from my couples family!!. Kim

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    Dear Kim -

    My thoughts are with you as you approach this difficult anniversary. God and your husband are watching over you.

    Take good care of yourself -

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    Hi Kim, Yes I do care because I know how hard it is when you lose someone.It will be difficult on the anniversary of Waynes passing, you will never get "over it" but you get more used to it and the shock and upset gets less. I buy flowers for anniversaries to keep at home, their favourite ones if possible. It brings them closer to you, planting a rose bush in their name is nice as well.Take great care and remember the good times you had together, at first this will be sad but one day the memories will be joyful x

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    Thanks everyone. The 21st is coming fast. That's his birthday. The 27th will be a year since he passed. So sad

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    Kim, thinking of you on both dates and praying for you. Remember all the good things!

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    Thanks cleversole. That is sweet

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    Having a lot of pain right now. Missing him so much. Can't even see to type. Thank you all again for all your prayers and for the way you all care, and you don't even know me! That is waht couples does. Kim

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    Ah Kim - you are in the hearts and prayers of everyone who reads your messages. Tears are in my eyes too as I type and although I know time will ease the sharpness of your pain, I hear your cry that it is just terrible now. Keep putting one foot in foot of the other and get through this day intact. We are all rooting for you darling.


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    Kim, I can't imagine the pain....not even close...but I pray for you, again. Much love and prayers your way.

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    I don't understand why good people get sick, but I do know that people can help you with words of wisdom, prayer, and a computer screen to look at and a keyboard to cry on. If your husband doesn't know about this thread you should print it out for him to read. You both have alot of great people praying and pulling for you guys. Sending prayers daily and couldn't meditate clearly yesterday. I kept thinking about this thread. My "clear mind" meditation turned into a "pray for Kim and her husband" meditation. My heart goes out to you both. HUGS

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    Prayers that you find peace in your memories - my heart breaks for you - Anita of KingMelon and Rasta Mama.

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    Dear Kim, Thinking of you and sending Hugs and Prayers.
    Art xo Francine

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    Again, I feel compelled to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and support. It's pretty tuff right now. His birthday is Monday and of course you all know the 27th is the day he passed. Miss him sooooo much!! Kim

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    just wanted to wish my sweet, sweet husband a very happy birthday. I miss and love you sooo much!! Love, hunnybunny

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    Kim -- Just letting you know that a prayer was sent out to you this morning on his birthday. I'm thinking about you today and sending you love and blessings on this day. --Vee
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    I hope today wasn't too sad for you, take care Elaine x

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