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Thread: Need prayers!!

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    Kim: I am so sorry for your loss. I know the feeling of loss. My husband passed away 5 years ago. He had been diagnosed in Oct. 2004 and died Dec. 10, 2004. We had gotten married in Jamaica on Jan. 20, 2003. I know the pain you are going through, but also know that life does go on, and you will for Waynes sake. He would want you too. Doesn't seem possible now, but believe me, it will. I had a very good support system at work and at home...accept it from friends and loved ones. At the time I was being told that life would go on, I didn't want to believe it. Everyone grieves in their own way. Find yours and don't let anyone tell you different.....but do keep God first in your life; He will guide you and not let you down. At my darkest times, God brought me through it. If you have any questions, want to vent, ask how, contact me directly at: You are in my thoughts and prayers! God's Blessings to you always! Sue

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    We have never met but wanted to let you know we have been following Wayne's battle and your hurt during these last few months. Harry and I will continue to keep you and all of your family in our prayers and thoughts daily. Please remember God will never forsake you and know that your Couples family is always here for you.
    Harry and Gladys-Kentucky

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    Oh Kim, I am so very, very sorry for the heartbreak you have right now. Please know that many, many people you have never met are praying for you and they are no longer strangers to you, they are your Couples family and we will continue to keep you in our prayers. Let your memories also give you strength during this difficult time.

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    Kim, We are so sorry for your loss. We feel like we know both of you. Wayne will always be with you. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. God Bless.

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    Kim, I am so sorry about your loss. I haven't been on the message board for a while and thought I would check on how things were going. I am really sorry. Just be certain that even if it doesn't seem like it now, you will get through. Remember that you have many friends here on this message board praying for you, and I am certain you have many of them there at home to help you. Don't try and be too strong, others are there to help you, lean on them and remember that ALL you friends from the couples message board are there with you, at least in thoughts.

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    Kim we're so sorry for your loss. We know Wayne is going to heaven If heaven is like Couples... He'll be ok. Be strong. -Don and Cindy

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    Our Dear Kim...Peggy and I are so very sorry..Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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    Default need prayers

    We had a viewing on Tue. and Wed. and there is a site to sign the guest book. It is You will see Wayne's obit and where to sign a little note if you want to. It was a wonderful service with family and friends. He will be missed sooo much by everyone. And once again thank you to everyone on this board that responded to this thread. Love to all. The only part that hurts extra hard is that we can't go to couples anymore. Love everyone. Kim Robinson

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    Dear Kim, Thank you for posting and sharing. We are thinking of you and praying for you daily. Sending Hugs...With heartfelt sympathy, Art & Francine.

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    We are praying Kim. Hang in there guys.

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Heaven has a new angel to watch over you and always be by your side.
    Becky & Dennis
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Kim - I am so sorry to hear your best friend is gone from you. There is one thing to remember - he is in a better place now. he is no longer in pain, he is no longer sick. And even though you don't have him physically with you, he is still with you. He will watch over you, he is in your heart and alway will be. This is a very hard time for you, and I am sorry you are going through this, I wish I could take some of the pain for you. Just know your Couples family are here for you. God Bless you and keep your faith. It is so easy to say these things, I am not sure what I would do without my best friend.

    Our deepest sympathy
    Deb & Larry

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    Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

    Vicky & Michael

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    Default My Condolences...


    Like so many others on the board, I have been watching your story for a while. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you will also be in my thoughts and prayers. You truly are showered with prayers.....

    CN in 7 sleeps

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    Kim -

    While we have never met I have watched this post and hoped and prayed Wayne would pull through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    We are so sorry for your loss. Prayers are offered up for you and your family.

    I have noticed many people in this thread offering prayers for strength for you at this time and throughout the ordeal that you and Wayne have endured together. I think maybe those prayers have been answered. I have been so impressed with your dedication. Not only to your late husband, but in being so diligent in posting here and keeping your Couples family informed of the process and what you have been going through. I have been amazed at the strength and poise that you have displayed throughout the last several months and I am confident that in spite of the sorrow and pain that has befallen you, that you will go on with grace and be blessed in the future with peace in your heart and soul. Your behavior and fortitude have been awe inspiring and truly a model for all of us to aspire to. Thank you for your example to all of us, and may God bless you and keep you.

    Dennis & Cheryl
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    Default need prayers

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their love and support. It has meant the world to me coming from our couples family!! I will be ok. I just need time I guess. I have one good day and then a couple of bad days, but Wayne will always be with me. Thanks again for all the caring and devotion because I sure need it. One Love. Kim Robinson

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    I am sorry that Wayne is no longer with you in body, and grateful you know he will always be with you in other ways. xoxoxo

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    Like others on this board I am truly sorry for you loss. Life and death are very hard things to understand. I know the pain you are going through, and I know how much you hurt. It will get better in time. I lost my best friend in the whole world last year april 17th in a tragic accident. Couldn't handle it, began to question the whole meaning of life, and what happens after death. You can't do that to yourself, you have to stay strong, and remember the great times the two of you had together. I just wanted to let you know that even though I have never met you or wayne, I will say a prayer for the both of you. Godspeed. My heart goes out to the both of you and anybody else that this has effected.

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    Kim ~ I just caught up on your post. I am so sorry for your loss. I too lift you up to our heavenly Father to cradle you and comfort you in His arms and to shower downpours of love on you. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default need prayers

    Im having a really hard time with this. I think I need some help from my friends. Any words that can help me, please post. I'm so lost without my best friend. I will always love and miss him sooo much. Thanks for your help. Kim Robinson

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    Kim,since I haven't been there yet, (although that fear is with me everyday with my husbands health) I am not sure I can give you much advise. All I can tell you is keep leaning on your friends, here and at home, and we will all keep praying for you. You are not alone in these feelings. My brother passed away on December 3rd of lung cancer (the day before we left for our last trip) I know my sister-in-law has many days that are difficult, and believe it or not Sundays at Church are one of them. She has a hard time getting out of church without crying. But I do believe with time (Maybe a lot of time) it will get easier. I don't know where you are with faith, but I always try and remember that God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle with his help. Just keep asking him and those closest to you for help. We will all continue to keep you in our prayers.

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    Kim, I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even beging to imagine what you are going through. You have wonderful memories with a very special person and hopefully those and the friends you have here and there with you will help you to work through the difficult times. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

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    Default We right there with you!

    Quote Originally Posted by kimarob View Post
    My husband was recently put in the hospital because of lung cancer. We need all the prayers we can get right now. We have a trip booked for April to CN that I have to cancel. We also have one booked for Dec, to renew our vows at CN. This is really breaking my heart. My best friend is so sick. I would change places with him in a second. I always think about our couples family and it helps me get through the day. Thank you all and God Bless. Kim Robinson
    Hi! We are praying for you! I too was diagnosed in Feb.2009..with stage IV breast, bone..we too had to cancel trip in Feb.09..rescheduled in that Nov. Now we are getting married a year and 1/2 later and heading to CSA in September. Hang in there! I believe I'm winning the battle due to our love and attitude! Keep your spirits up and we'll be praying(they work too!) Genelle&Tom
    Sorry I just read on to latter posts!!!
    I really worry so much how Tom will do after I'm gone, I pray for your strength to make it through, Wayne is watching over you and wants you to healthy and happy!!! Tom is my best friend and soulmate too and the main thing I wish for him, is to be strong and return to some kind of normal as soon as possoble! Still praying for !!!
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    Oh Kim, I am so sorry you are having a hard time. I am sending you lots of love, hugs, and prayers.

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