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Thread: Need prayers!!

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you both.

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    My heart aches for you and for Wayne. I am a cancer survivor and I do know exactly how you feel. When I had my ordeal, as hard as that was for me, it was nothing compared to how difficult it was for Syl. She, like you, spent lots of time crying. Lots of time trying to figure out just what she should do or even figure out how she felt. Kim, I understand how dark and full of despair you are feeling.
    I will tell you I told my wife Sylvia. Just try making it through one long slow day at a time. Don't think about all the "what ifs" . You weren't living your life before this situation always thinking "what if".
    If one day is to much to handle, perhaps getting over the next few hours will allow you some "space".
    I'm hoping that you have a good support group near by and that they are able to offer you some relief.
    The doctors are doing all they can for Wayne. It's up to you to do all you can for you. Try to continue to eat on some sort of regular timing. It helps to keep your body on as regular a schedule as you can. If their are folks around that can take care of some phone calls or run some errands, by all means, let them do it. Take as much help as you need.

    We are all there for you.


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    I will pray for both you and your husband! How disappointing to not be able to take these trips too. Hopefully things will be looking up in time for your renewal in Dec. It must be very hard to see someone you love so much suffer. I will pray for strength, wisdom, peace and a speedy recovery! You guys will not be alone on Monday!

    We will be going to CSA in April and I would love to bring some seeds and school supplies. I don't know who Maurine is though. When you have time maybe you or someone else could give us a little more info on that so we might be able to help too.

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    I am sorry to hear about what you are going through. When I found out I had cancer 3 years ago I was devastated. I am now cancer free. I can tell you from experience that a positive outlook and the fantastic support from my husband really got me through it. Try to find something positive to share each day. At times it will be very hard to find something, but it will really help if you do. I will be praying for your husband. Stay strong.

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    You are both in our thoughts and prayers.

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    I'm so amazed by all the kind and thoughtful messages that I have received on this message board. If anyone needs to know how to reach Maurine Miller at CN her e-mail is Please let her know what is going on. She will see that you are taken to the Ironshore Kintergarden. My e-mail is not working. I can receive messages but can not send any. if you go to the school please tell them that I'm sorry that we could not make it back right now. Our names are Kim and Wayne Robinson. Maurine and the principal at the school know us. Tell them that we love and miss them very much. I hope someone gets to go and take supplies and seed packets to them. They also love the candy!! Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers that you are sending our way. We LOVE our couples family!! Kim and Wayne Robinson

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    Kim, You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I'm so sorry you're going through this and I pray that your husband's treatments go very well. God bless you both.

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    Kim I am so sorry to hear the news about your husband Wayne. I have added you both to my daily prayers and I will add your names to the prayer lust at my church for this Sunday and every Sunday.

    You have received many words of encouragement and some very good advice from a lot of people. Please take them to heart. Crabracers is right you have to look after yourself, it's so easy to worry so much about a loved one that we forget to look after ourselves.

    As I hope you can see from all the messages you are not walking this journey alone, many are walking with you in support, and please don't forget that God is walking and crying right along with you.

    Some one asked if you had a good support network, I hope and pray that you do, but from what I have seen on the message board you now have a support network that covers many countries, don't be afraid to lean on all of those who have posted.

    To quote from one of my favourite tv shows Red Green "Keep your stick on the ice, we're all in this together," We're all in this with you, the good times and the bad, we're but a few keystrokes away.


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    So sorry to hear about your husbands illness. We will add him to our prayers nightly and also to our prayer chain at church!! Hang in there you both have a long road ahead, but with plenty of prayers and much love you will prevail! Please keep us posted as to his recovery.


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    I haven't been on the MB for a long while. I am so sorry to hear about this. Please know that we will keep all of you in our prayers. Cancer not only affects one person--it affects the person's entire family and group of friends.

    Keep the faith.

    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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    Default All the best to you both..

    Just wanted you to know I fully appreciate the stress for both of you. As a loving care taker of my wife who struggles with multiple myeloma for five years I offer you these loving and caring words..

    ALWAYS MAINTAIN DIGINITY AND RESPECT as times get tough. It works for sure.. And also remember Hope is the only virtue that Pandora did not erase when she opened up all the roubles into this planet.

    Be well,

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    Kim, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are hoping for the best. You are right to turn to your "Couple's" family. I have, and found they are always there no matter what the turn out. Know we are praying for you.

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    Default Praying For You

    He is the GOD that Healeth. Trust Him and Believe! Joy and Billy (Richmond, VA)

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    I am so sorry to hear that your husband is fighting lung cancer. We will keep you and your husband in our prayers asking the good Lord to give you both strength and courage as you make this journey through this. Stay positive, believe in the Lord's healing powers and know that your couples family is behind you supporting you with thoughts, love, and prayers.

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    Hi Kim, Thinking and praying for you and Wayne every day... how are you both doing?

    Francine and Art
    Art xo Francine

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    Default Need Prayers

    Hello everyone. I brought Wayne home from the hospital on Sunday the 24th. He was in for 3 weeks. He has finished 10 radiation treatments and now he has to gain strength to be able to get chemo treatments. I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the kindness and all the prayers. I will keep you all updated sooner than I have, but the computer monitor was broke. I now have a new one! Love to all. Kim and Wayne Robinson

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    Kim..Peggy and I are saying prayers daily for Wayne and hope he is doing well.


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    Hi Kim, Thank you for the update... sending love and prayers to you and Wayne.... A & F
    Art xo Francine

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    That is the best news that I could wake up to on a cold Sunday morning. Now the real work begins. Just try to take each day as it comes along. The good, the bad and the ugly. Your love and commitment to each other will do the rest.
    Kim, be sure to take some time for "just you". A good caretaker needs to be taken care of too.


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    Kim & Rob. I'm so sorry to read this message! I missed this thread a few weeks ago and just found it today. Of course our prayers are with you all. I am so sorry to read this. May GOD put his healing arms around Rob and provide comfort to all. God Bless. Razzl

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    Great to hear he is at home again. Praying he gets his strength soon!

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    Kim: You and Wayne are in my prayers. Lean on Him for support, and He will surely provide it. Faith is key. Thoughts are things, so have only the best thoughts and send the "what if's" away. Have Wayne spend some time daily visualizing God's healing light attacking and demolishing his cancerous cells. Have him imagine himself AS IF he were already through his ordeal and HEALTHY and WHOLE. God's Angels hover over you both. They await your reqeust for help. Remember: Ask, and it shall be given. God Bless you both, Sun_princess

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    Sooo sorry to hear that you all are facing such a horrible thing. I haven't been on in a few days, but can assure you that you and Rob will be in my prayers. Take care!

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    Praying for a speedy recovery. Leave it all in GODS hands. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY. Andy & Cindy

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    Default need prayers

    Hello everyone. We went to the cancer docter today. They want to start chemo on the 12th or the 15th of Feb. It does not look good. She said that it is incureable. We will fight it to the end!!!!! Please pray really hard for him!! Thank you so much. Kim Robinson

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