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Thread: Feb 3 - 13 2010

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    Default Feb 3 - 13 2010

    Looking so forward to our first trip to CN and our second trip to the island. Anyone else going during this time.

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    My husband and I will be returning to CN for our second trip to paradise, Feb 7-13. We loved everything about CN and can't wait to return. You are going to love it!

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    We will be for the tail end of your trip. February 9 - 23.
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    We will be there from 2/6-2/13 for our first visit to CN and our first anniversary. We are Melissa and Randy from State College, PA.
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    We'll be there Feb 2 - 9. We are from NC and this will be our 4th trip to JA, first time to a Couples.

    We'll be hanging out on the AN beach!

    Debbie & Harry

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    Default We will be there Feb 6-15th!

    We are returning for our second trip to CN Feb 6-15 hope to meet some new friends!
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    Default New Friends!

    When we are not diving we can be found on the beach near the wedding arch. Drop by say hello! We may even buy you a drink, or at least put the red flag up for you! lol 18 days!!!!!
    I am not high Maintenance, I am deservedly Spoiled!

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    Hi All,

    We'll be arriving on the 13th. Looks like we'll be there at same time Rose_dave so we will reciprocate and put up a red flag for you! We've never dived but can't wait to snorkel, try sailing, cat cruise, drink, laugh, and RELAX!!! See you in 20 days and 1 very short sleep!! Julieann and Steve

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    We also arrive on the 13th - 1:20pm to MB. See you there!

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    Ten more days as of Sunday 01/24/10

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    9days and a wake up for our 10 years at couples negril,can't wait to catch some sunshine on the AN beach.
    Ernie & Sandy
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    We wil be arriving on the 7th and staying until the 16th. This is our third visit to CN. We generally hang out on the beach. Hope to see you at the returning guest dinner.

    Jim & Ellen

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    Jillmohn. Hello, we are Mike and Dana from Maryland. We will be there from 2/7 thru 2/13. Hope to meet you, if you see us say hi!
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    we are on our countdown, 5 more days. 4th trip back. Jan 30 to Feb. 7th. Hope to meet up

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    I will try to keep an eye out for all of you. If you see this red head running on the beach in the morning that might be me. If not you never know where you might find us. We just like to hang out and relax but try some new things as well.


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    Default 12 days

    My bags are packed and we are so ready to escape the cold weather. 12 days and counting untill we return to CN, Feb 7-13, hope to see you all there.

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    We are now doing the single digit dance!!!!

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    Default 4 days!

    I'm so excited, only 4 days to go!

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    Stressing out because of this expected snow storm for Saturday. We're supposed to be flying out at 6AM!

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    We are leaving at 11:00 from Boston - same stress - can't wait for my first Red Stripe! Travel safe!

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    We are leaving tonight for NC, then flying to Jamaica in the morning. Best of luck with the weather.

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    Did you all make it out without snow delays??? Hopefully you did. I am sure it's even better sitting there on the beach knowing you left 18+ inches of snow behind you sunseeker!?!? It's almost 1 pm on Saturday and the snow is still coming down. I can't wait to be joining all of you on Friday and leaving this pile of snow behind us!

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    Default It's finally here!

    We are headed to Omaha spending the night so we can be at the airport at 4am, the snow finally stopped. Good luck to all of you on the east coast, safe travels! CN here we come!

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