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    Default Looks like we ARE going tomorrow!!!

    Oh my gosh, so much stress, are we going? Should we cancel? My Dear Hubby got really bad news from the Oncologist last Friday. The cancer is back big time, very scary to be going out of the country at this time. BUT looks like we're gonna do it! I thank God we will have one more chance to experience being together 7 glorius days in the beautiful paradise that is CN!
    Sue and Gary, McFarland, WI

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    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. Have a fabulous vacation!

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    So sorry about your news. Enjoy your trip and your time together. You're in my thoughts.

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    So sorry to hear more bad news... best wishes for a really special, relaxing, loving, joyous time at CN...
    Art xo Francine

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    So sorry to hear the news, go and cherish the time in paradise.

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    Default So... are you there?

    Hi Sue,

    So... Are you there??? How did the trip go? Are you living for the day? Are you making memories? Bring the camera?

    So sorry to hear of the news. Hope Gary liked the video!


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    Beergirl......I hope you got my email. Yes, we DID get to have a beautiful week at CN, and yes, I DID finally show Gary the DVD yesteday, I couldn't wait til Valentine's Day to show him! He loved it as much as I do!

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